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Keyword Research Guide -- How and Why!

Keyword Research Guide -- How and Why!

Keyword marketing-the importance..

In the Field of SEO-Search engine optimization choosing keywords is one of the most important tasks. You should choose keyword wisely. Choosing keyword is not a guessing Game but it is an art.

Why to choose keywords?

As you probably aware of search engine traffic. Search engine traffic is very very important for success of any website. It is estimated that approximately 65 to 85% of traffic (average) coming from search engine (however is depends on how you promote your website).search engine is only way to create highly targeted traffic. You can improve visitor to sales ratio of your website if you successfully receive traffic from search engine. Or improve your revenue by attracting more visitors. If you are selling Music CDs online. If your website is on top for key Phrase like "Music CD" on all Major search engines then just think how many people will search for Music CD in a day?? I think lots of. Now. This is the way you are getting visitor searching for Music CDs. However there will be lots of search in a day for term CD like [1] Software CDs [2] E-Book CDs [3] Video CDs [4] Game CDs etc... But traffic coming form these terms is Meaningless for you to create sales. So your page should be relevant only for Key phrases like music CDs, audio CDs etc � so it will be better to choose Keywords related to your business rather than selecting randomly or blindly. I hope you will now able to understand importance of choosing better keywords

How to choose keywords?

There are lots of tools for choosing better Keywords like Nichebot, overture keyword suggestion tool, Wordtracker etc...First decide "what is your target market?" and then use these tools. Example you are selling E-books related to website design. Than you should first research how many people every day search for 'Web Design E-books" go to for that and simply search Web Design E-books. Nichebot will provide you count of last 60 days for this Key Phrase. We can see that Count for this key phrase is���..Or Go to site and search for this keyword Phrase and you will see related information on specific key phrase and you will be able to get information related to this keyword. Phrase.

They will provide you all related keywords

Example: For "Directory submission" you will see following related or nearly related Keywords. (This can also help to receive ONLY targeted traffic...) Related term-count(average search in two month) Directory submission-3978 Search engine directory submission-679 Search engine submission software directory-266 directory internet submission-163 directory website submission-159 directory engine search submission-133 directory submission services-129 Follow this Url to know more>> you can follow one of the following tool for keyword research. [1] [2] [3] Here is a list of top free Keyword research tools. visit it.>> the list include keyword suggestion tools,keyword analyzer tools,keyword density checker tools and lot more.. Now you have to decide which Keyword is less competitive for your website and you can easily reach on top. Based on that you should place these Keywords on your site..

Where and How to place these Keywords?

You are now familiar with keyword/key phrases. Now Question is 'where to Put these keywords?" here are some places where you can place these keywords [1] Meta tags [2] Title Tags [3] Through out the Description on the page Meta tags:- Meta tags are invisible for Visitor and as you might know search engines like Yahoo, Google, MSN are Not providing weight to them to rank your page. But still you can place your keywords in Meta title, keywords and description section. Title Tags:- This is very important place where you should place your keyword for better ranking in search engine. The main Keywords must be here for which you are optimizing your site. Try to include its synonyms Key phrases / keywords also to receive traffic of related keywords. Example you can create your title like this way Buy Music CDs online: The shop for buying audio CDs online You are including your two targeted keywords here. Description: After title tags this is also one of the most important section where you can place your keywords. But don't go over bound .density of keywords/ phrases should be 7-10%. Otherwise search engines will consider it as keyword stuffing and your rank will go down rather than improving Other places where you can place these keywords: Images: - you can choose name of images like music_cds.gif audio_cds.jpg etc rather than 0545.gif and image.jpg! This will improve relevancy of your page for related keyword Name of domain, Sub directory and sub domain:- Before you choose any domain name, directory or sub directory you should consider your keywords/ key phrases and also choose them according to your target market. Example: Just look at my site. I selected sub domain for my site like and for targeting my keywords. Now see source code of Page you will find that to improve relevancy of my page related to keywords I also kept name of my logo like this directory_submission_and_link_building.png .then I placed title like Directory submission service. And placed this keyword phrase in whole my page is relevant for keyword phrase "directory submission", "directory submission service". Or 'web directory submission" etc... I have chosen every sub domain according to this to improve relevancy for specific keywords I strongly recommend you to choose your sub domain or sub directory wisely. if you are creating just a page then you can select like this �./directory-submission.html because search engines text matching will match this keyword and will rank your site on top with your competitor So, like this article? It took two days to write. Any feed back good or bad are always appreciated. You can contact me at

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