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Google SERPs experiment shows amazing results

Google SERPs experiment shows amazing results

Can we take a banned site - No pages indexed in google, yahoo or live and can we give it life and PR rank?

That is what is being attempted over at www.omg-1-com and the big question is can it be done?

Google, Yahoo and MSN Live are such big players in providing traffic the question is can a website survive if the big engines have banned it?

Many sites get banned and even some deserve it. Yet there are many sites who receive a penalty or even a banning and they just dont know why. Most just receive a penalty and that means their site is still in the index but just not ranking well. The site owner just needs to seach for his url and if it is found you are not banned. If you cannot even find your url, well simply put "you're out!"

But don't fret as there are ways to get back in, but first you have to appologise to the big G and others and file a reinclusion request. But first I would remove the tactics that got you banned in the first place, remove your hidden text and keyword stuffing.

Back to the experiment

A ten point plan has been placed in effect and it involves the basics like good hosting, good SEO in title and description with good keyword density etc. The big news here is the link building! The plan is that numbers of links will force the engines to take note of the banned domain and push it back into the indexes.

Here are the ten steps:

1. http://www.omg-1-com/ taken off domain parking and hosted at dreamhost-com 2. Site built and Sitemap created and uploaded to google webmaster tools 3. http://www.omg-1-com Creation Date: 01-feb-2007 | 0 links in Google, Yahoo or Live. | 0 indexed pages in Google, Yahoo or Live. 4. As you can see no pages are indexed in any of the search engines. It is a banned domain! 5. Reinclusion request made to google. 6. Write a title and description. TITLE: That is only 10c for a permanent link pointing to your website! DESCRIPTION: We will hand submit YOUR Website into 2000 FREE DIRECTORIES with multiple anchor text in both the title and the description for $200 US. 7. Add URL Google | Add URL Yahoo | Add URL MSN Live 8. Add some small blended adsense blocks. 9. Place this information into Website Submitter and start submitting. 10. Be patient! Expectation? We would like to see the site indexed and in all engines by 19 Nov 2007 | December at latest! Summary The most interesting point to check back on is the results of the Website Directory Submission Experiment because the number of indexed pages and numbers of backlinks for the site are fully presented on the site and could be a real testimonial for this type of directory marketing. Another amazing part of this approach is that it can be done free using all the free website directories. You just need to semi-automate the process a little. Well good luck with your website SEO development A Banned Site Re-indexed By Google and MSN Live within 24 hours - EASY! So it seems it is possible and over at http://www.omg-1-com the experiment is proving itself. The question was 'Can we take a banned site - No pages indexed in google, yahoo or live and can we give it life and PR rank?' Well it took 2 days for a banned domain to enter the MSN Live and the Google Indexes. Now thats fast. But how was it done Actually the website is set up as a tutorial on how to succeed with SEO seach engine optimization. It is a step by step guild to soring in the SERPs ranking. Just take a look at all the free tools offered all over the internet that practically force the search engines to index you. Take a hint and follow the links on this site, they take you to amazing free optimization tools. So here are the basic steps that got this domain re-indexed after being banned. 20 September 2007 - 1. Added content- index.php | experiment.html | report.html | paid-directories.html 2. Put together an article about the 'Website Directory Submission Experiment' 3. Submit the article to digg-com, please if you are a member please then digg this story! 3. Wait as long as I can to submit our article below to 640 Article Directories with Article Submitter. I want this website submission experiment webpage to be indexed by google first! This will secure that http://www.omg-1-com is the original source article and then we will not go into the googles suplimentals index. We do not want google to assume an articles site which we submitted to is the article source. Make sure you get your articles into the big article directories! 4. Continue to submit to the web directory database, placing the site into eg. 5. SEO TECHNIQUES - Placed TARGET="BLANK" on all outgoing links I have so many outlinks to very reputable sources. It is smart to keep people on your site, so let them view your suggested outgoing urls, but always leave your site page open. I even placed TARGET="BLANK" on affiliate links such as Website Submitter | Article Submitter Then I went ahead and placed up meta tags with an off beat title to the site <.title>That is only 10c for a permanent link pointing to your website!<.title> its actually a one line sales pitch. In the description i just cut a block of text out of my main body <.meta name="Description" content="We will hand submit YOUR site to 2000 FREE DIRECTORIES for $200 US That is only 10c for a permant link pointing to your website! Compare that with adwords | SEO search engine optimization is link building." /.> and pasted it straight in as the meta description. I also use this description across all directory site submissions and acticle site submissions. Also FORCE GOOGLE to visit your site in everyway possible 1. Reinclusion request. 2. ADD URL. 3. Place Adsense. 4. Place a google search form on your site. 5. Set-up adwords campaign and force google to scan your sites keywords! How? Use the capaign keywords tool and select the option 'Site Related Keywords' Here is what Google scanned, so we can see an insight into what Google thinks about this site, and it's a perfect result! 5. Setup an Adwords Campaign using the suggested keywords, create some Adwords Adds. I have posted my Adds below! 6. I added the very important OnlyWire button 7. Place http://www.omg-1-com to these directories ASAP! 8. Free email subscription service set up on the site for you to sign up to receive our SEO strategy techniques and discounts. 9. Placed a free translation script on the site to cater for foreign language visitors. 10 x the pages to index for the engines. PS. please note that we are already indexed in Google and MSN Live after one day, 20 September 2007. Will it last? Probably not as we will be indexed but now categorized and themed and adjusted within the SERPs. So we will come and go - but indexed for two major engines within two days is very good!

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