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Getting Links To Your Site Free and Easy

 Getting Links To Your Site Free and Easy

Getting Links To Your Site Free and Easy
by Andre Best

If you're the least bit serious about promoting your website(s) online then you have probably heard the recent cry that one's website needs links coming into it. Lot's of links. And without these many, many links one is the proverbial billboard in the desert waiting to be seen by those thirsty for sustenance.

Well after these several years that I've been on the internet I too heard the call and have followed the many internet bandwagons that have rolled into e-town touting the next 'latest and greatest' snakeoil software to get one traffic that they won't believe.

You know the cry... 'The traffic explosion your favorite web guru gets - and it'll only cost you $795 to attend this three-day conference to learn how to play with the big boys (and girls) online.'

Sound familiar? To most owning one or several websites it will.

But after being dragged around the reciprocal linking millstone over the last several months in a valiant attempt to obtain many reciprocal link exchanges and closely monitoring all completed link requests I can truthfully say that that job in itself is a bugger to track and stay on top of.


Because for the most part one has to rely on one common denominator in that equation... people.

I finally realized that this tactic of getting traffic 'for free' and having it prove itself as viable was indeed true. Link-exchanges do work. But they ARE work too.

But with me being the type of person who writes with my eyes closed (literally), I was told by a couple of e-friends that I should pursue 'articles' more vehemently. I didn't know what they meant so what I did was find out about a couple of the bigger article directories on the Net and I submitted a couple of my writings to them. And then I promptly forgot about this process because it was extremely labor intensive.

And with me being a relatively lazy fellow at times I 'moved on' to other tasks that seemed more to my liking. And ease of use.

But after getting relatively burned out with this link-exchange stuff and dogging real live people to honor link exchange requests after I had 'nicely' place an unexpected link to their site on my site, I was tired of this whole process. 

Yes, I know there are automated processes and software out there that will do this linking stuff for one, but again, I've also read how the SE's are 'onto' these tactics and reciprocal links aren't as effective as they used to be.

But they are still effective, that's why I still honor the odd link exchange request I get. I just don't spend all my time doing this anymore.

But getting back on track to the actual subject of this article...

Back a couple of months ago, I somehow received an email about a new software program that would do 'article submissions' almost automatically. 

But let me first digress somewhat and tell you what 'article submitting' is.

Article submitting may sound kind of formal and only for 'writers', but it isn't.

Essentially, anytime one writes something of extended length, even a longer webpage, they've written an 'article'.

Think about it. If you have a website that you've personally written, then you have written articles related to the subject of your website.

So, if your website is all about the best way to burp babies, then you have a whole bunch of 'articles' that you've written about parenting, specifically, burping babies.

What you can then do is submit these articles throughout the WWW and get yourself known as a baby burping expert.

But even more importantly, you can take each of the webpages you've written on your website and turn it into an 'article' - add a link BACK to your site in the footer of the article - and voila! you have written an article and ALSO obtained a link back to your site whenever someone else uses that article.

And all this without having to hassle with e-chasing that non-compliant link partner to honor their link exchange with you.

Sound cool? It is.

Now, like everything else, there is a downside to all this article writing. 

It takes time to do. 

First you have to have written YOUR OWN articles/webpages. And then you have to personally submit them to any of several hundred article directories floating around in cyberspace.

And of course there is the whole idea of you having the motivation to do this submission stuff too, so let me share a little bit of motivating statistics with you.

Remember how I mentioned earlier about having piddled with submitting a couple of stories/webpages I had written to several of the major article directories? Well, that was about 14 months ago. And remember how I told you that I did this and then promptly forgot about all this article submission stuff?

Well, over those 14 months since I did this, which by the way only took about one hour to do, I now have about 300 STATIC, incoming links to my site from those two articles being posted around the Internet. Yes, 300 incoming, NOT reciprocal, links.

And so what I did was after I received that email from someone touting this article submission software was to do some research on this whole article submission automation software process. 

What I came out of this research with was that as of now there are two main article submission software programs that allow one to automate most of the process of doing this sometimes laborious task.

And since it is so repetitive and sometimes painstaking to do manual article submissions I thought that this would be one way to get me back into this process that I think is well suited for the way I like to promote my business online. With words, that is.

After much mental deliberation, and financial detailing, I opted to go for an article submission software that was released during the summer of 2005. Besides it being almost one-third the price of the other main player in this article submittal software e-competition going on, it also appeared to have a lot going for it with a money-back guarantee and a manual and good developer-support.

So I bought it several weeks ago and have been using it everyday to promote several of my websites by submitting 'articles' I've written to the several hundred article directories included in the automatic submissions this software does for the user.

And to say the least, the results, so far, are extremely impressive.

One little statistic. Remember those two articles I submitted 14 months ago and obtained over 300 incoming links from doing so? Well, I've used this software to continue submitting them to other article directories included in the software program.

And now that 300 incoming links number now numbers almost 700. Yes, 700 incoming links from just those two articles. An increase of approximately 400 incoming links, in just five weeks.

To me, those are some GOOD results. Especially without having to chase other humans to reciprocal link with me, building link webpages, tracking linking emails, checking links, buying tracking software, and all that stuff that goes along with the reciprocal linking process.

So, if you're tired of buying links and chasing other website owners for reciprocal link exchanges, do consider using content you've written as a way to get links, and eventually traffic, into your site.

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