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Trump officially launches his Social Truth for the iPhone

Trump officially launches his Social Truth for the iPhone

TMTG, owned by former US President Donald Trump, has launched Social Truth for the iPhone, a social network that rivals the former US President's favorite Twitter app, whose Twitter account he has decided to permanently delete, claiming that continues to violate company offensive rules. hate content.

And former US President Donald Trump had officially announced plans to launch a new social network called Truth Social, in an official statement launched by a new company called TMTG or Trump Media and Technology Group earlier last October, after Trump reiterated its intention to launch. social network Competition for both Twitter and Facebook after being subjected to a final ban by Twitter on the basis of continued incitement to violence, in addition to the ban by Facebook temporarily until January 2023 at present.

The company that developed the Truth Social app did not disclose its plans to launch the app globally.

US President Trump's new social network, Truth Social, has almost the same design as Twitter, including the main application interface that includes tabs for viewing the latest news, posts, messages, search and alerts, in addition to designing the profile as well, displaying verification badges and other Twitter features. The famous one, with the aim of providing an alternative version of Twitter.

Everything you need to know about Trump's social network

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The Truth Social app - the social network set up by Trump - is now available for free download for iOS users in the U.S. only, through the Apple App Store, and the app developer has not yet revealed its plans for launching the application globally or when it will be available to Android users, as the application targets The U.S. voter base that voted for Trump in the U.S. presidential election of -2016 and 2020.