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Solving the Autism Problem

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There is no one therapy that does it all. And, 

to complicate it further, like most "mental" 

problems", it's not simple to diagnose. In the 

younger ages, it's easily confused with mental 

retardation, or brain damage.  

What are the known causes of autism? Perhaps the 

best known today is the usage of mercury (

thimeroserol) in infant and childhood vaccines.  

Only in the past few years was this practice 

discontinued. So, we've literally poisoned 

millions of children with good intent!  

Protecting them from dangerous childhood diseases 

has caused much worse problems.  

Another well known cause of autism is food 

sensitivity and allergy. Virtually every known 

mental problem may be caused by a normally 

harmless allergen - a simple food that has been "

recognized" by that person's immune system as "


This seems to be caused by what is called "leaky 

gut syndrome". A major theory in this cause is 

that the malnourishment of the mother prior to 

birth and during initial feeding after birth 

opens the entrances from the gut too much in the 

attempt to obtain more needed vitamins and 

minerals and enzymes, etc.    

This larger "leaky gut opening" allows larger "

particles" thru the gut walls into the portal 

vein. Instead of digested single amino acids, or 

simple combinations of a few amino acids, longer 

chains of amino acids are allowed thru. These 

larger than "normal" collections of amino acids 

may then be recognized by the immune system as 

possible viruses, bacteria, or even parasites.  

This particular collection of amino acids is now 

a distinct allergen to that person, even though 

it is actually harmless.  

There are possibly many other minor causes and/or 

combinations of causes. We know very little 

about the evolution of our immune system, and how 

allergy/sensitivity is developed.  

What can we do to "normalize" autistic children?  

What are the answers that we already know?

<B><font size=+1>The Mercury Toxicity Problem</B><


As a former orthomolecular psychologist, mineral 

toxicity is well known to me. I've seen several 

schizophrenic patients "cured" that suffered from 

copper toxicity in particular.  

The first step is diagnosis of this problem. Is 

mineral toxicity involved? There are several 

different ways to diagnose mineral toxicity. In 

my opinion the best way is a mineral hair 

analysis. Most MD's prefer a 24 hour urine 

collection. Actual blood tests and urine and 

saliva tests are not reliable.  

It seems that all toxic minerals are stopped from 

getting into the brain by the filtering and 

storage facility of the liver. A large amount of 

mercury getting to the brain would be very 

dangerous, so the liver stops it and stores it, 

and then gradually releases as small an amount 

back into the bloodstream so that it can be 

excreted. Hair is an excretion route, and an 

inch or so of hair tells a "history" of mineral 

excretion over a period of weeks. While hair 

analysis isn't very accurate insofar as amount in 

the body, it's very accurate as to what's been 

excreted over time.  

A hair analysis would be my first step towards 

solving the autism problem.

Supposing that the hair analysis came back 

showing large amounts of mercury. What to do 

next? The answer is some form of chelation.

Chelation means "to grab onto". There are 

several drugs that do this for minerals. In the 

blood stream, these drugs (EDTA and others) 

literally grab onto minerals, and allow them to 

exit the body thru the kidney/urine excretion 

system. This usually involves going to a 

chelation clinic, sitting for an hour or so with 

a needle in the arm. It's not that uncomfortable,

 although a small child might find it so. This 

procedure is done several times over a period of 

several weeks.

. One problem with this is that because the 

chelation agent (drug) "claws onto" all minerals 

in the blood stream, it takes out essential 

minerals as well as the toxic ones. So, it 

becomes very necessary to supplement the minerals 

our bodies need for everyday use. In effect, 

taking all out, good and bad, and putting back 

the good.

It's also not cheap, as it involves "doctor time".


I successfully used a cheap and effective 

alternate in my practice. Vitamin C. Vitamin C 

combines with minerals in the bloodstream 

metabolically to form a mineral "Ascorbate" 

combination that is also water soluble and passes 

out thru the same kidney/urine exit.

There are several advantages to using Vitamin C 

instead of drugs. It is a natural antibiotic 

that kills both viruses and bacteria in the 

bloodstream. So, people who use it will be 

healthier than most, AND they'll be getting rid 

of toxic minerals at the same time.

The same thing happens as does with drugs. Since 

vitamin C combines with ALL minerals, we are 

taking out the essential ones along with the 

toxic ones. So, all the essential ones must be 

supplemented daily.  

Few people realize the truth about vitamin C 

today, in spite of the work done by Linus Pauling,

 a true genius. The "spin" by nutritionists and 

MD's and the RDA has us taking very insufficient 

amounts of vitamin C for daily use. Did you know 

that the veterinarian RDA for a 150 pound ape is 

4000 mg (4 grams) per day? We humans and other 

primates such as that ape handle vitamin C 

exactly the same. The RDA is under 100 mg (0.1 


For schizophrenic adults I worked with in past 

years, I used 10 grams per day in split doses.  

For these patients, their schizoid symptoms 

seemed to disappear within two weeks or so, but 

surprisingly, a six month hair analysis showed 

even high levels of copper. Carl Pfeiffer, a 

mentor, and a good friend, explained that the 

body is now allowing more toxic material out of 

storage into the bloodstream so that it can be 

excreted safely. Most goes out via the kidney/

urine pathway, but also hair. To my surprise, 

this increase in hair levels was actually good.

<B><font size=+1>Allergy/Sensitivity Problem</B></


The "leaky gut syndrome" is becoming a huge 

health problem, albeit unknown to most people and 

even most physicians. It's a function of our 

culture moving more and more away from healthful 

foods containing good nutrition and moving more 

and more to sweet and pre-processed foods without 

good balanced nutrition.

Because we have evolved requiring certain amounts 

and balances of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, 

fatty acids, and enzymes derived from what we eat,

 we, as a culture are not getting even close to 

sufficient nutrition for good health without 

taking vitamin mineral supplements. One theory 

of "leaky gut syndrome" is that each generation, 

being malnourished, has to find a way to get more 

necessary nutrients, and allowing more amino 

acids and other needed nutrients thru the walls 

of the intestines, this is accomplished.  

There are several possible answers to this 

particular problem:

1. Giving the person with the problem digestive 

enzymes. This helps the digestive system do a 

better job, breaking up proteins into amino acids 

easier to digest as small peptides and individual 

amino acids. This solves part of the problem at 

least, especially in those cases where digestive 

problems are present. Of course, protease is the 

most desired.  

2. Avoiding those foods that are most likely the 

allergens that the immune system has "decided" 

are enemies. This is the basis of the milk free 

and gluten free diets that are popular, and have 

proved of value for some autistic cases. 

3. Allergy search and solution. The only really 

effective "test and cure" system is the End-

Point-Titration method. This not only finds both 

allergies and sensitivities, but also provides a 

neutralizing amount. Unfortunately, the costs 

are prohibitive, ranging in the tens of thousands 

of dollars. A free allergen test may be found at 

<a href="">Free 

Allergy Test<.a>

4. EEG Biofeedback (aka Neurofeedback or 

Neurotherapy) has long been used with ADD/ADHD 

successfully. Dr von Hilsheimer in Orlando has 

successfully worked with several autistic 

children using this therapy. He has taken well 

over 200 sessions with several patients. The 

problem is that it is very expensive and uses a 

lot of "doctor time".

5. A new therapy called Neuroliminal Brain Wave 

Training was invented by me in 2004. It does 

exactly what EEG Biofeedback does, namely change 

brain wave strengths (and in the case of autism 

patients, increases brain blood flow (similar to 

HEG biofeedback).  

Besides being as successful as EEG BF, it 

actually has several other advantages for autism 


 a. Very affordable cost - a fraction of EEG BF, 

a viable alternative to the dangerous drugs used 

for the ADD-autism continuum. Mid and low income 

families simply cannot afford EEG BF, leaving the 

only real choice the dangerous drugs.

 b. Very simple to use at home. No messing 

around with wires and sticky paste or even bulky 

helmets. Even the "worst" autistic kids can be 

trained without problems.

 c. No motivation required to simply go to sleep. 

 With ADD/ADHD and high functioning autistics, 

motivation is a critical factor in success.  

In a recent test of 9 autistic children from 3 to 

11 years of age, over an eight week period, ALL 

nine improved, some dramatically, and some slowly.

  This is exactly what would be expected if using 

EEG and HEG BF. All parents put up a $100 

deposit, and if no improvement was found, they 

could get that back. All preferred to keep it 

and continue training.

Those are the options I see at present. Autism 

is increasing as our nutrition is decreasing, and 

more and more toxins are used for good reasons 

that have bad effects.

If I had a child who was autistic, or even slow 

to develop, what would I do?

1. Start Neuroliminal Brain Wave Training 


2. I'd do a hair analysis to see if mercury is 

at toxic levels, and if so, I'd start my child on 

5-10 grams of vitamin C per day.

3. I'd try a Caveman Diet for a week or so to 

try to determine if common allergens such as milk 

or grains are a major culprit.

4. I'd investigate digestive enzymes for autism 

on the web, and start using them.  

The belt and suspender theory seems to me to be 

the best way - do all that you can as soon as you 

know about the problem and possible solutions.  

The sooner the autistic child is started on these 

programs the closer to "normal" they usually 


There is no magic pill. All these programs take 

time. Magic pills usually aren't anyway, and all 

drugs have serious side effects for some at least.

  What I have outlined does not in any way.  

Unfortunately, the physician's dictum "do no harm"

 is no longer the case.

Solving the Autism Problem