How to protect your data on social media?

How to protect your data on social media?

Recently, concerns associated with the user data and their privacy increased due to social media and the Internet. Managed.

Why form gravity of social media on your information?

In social media, people participate in their news, their photos, and their personal views, and everything happens in almost their lives, and this is a great deal of information involved - and some many personal strangers - tempts That are not within relatives and reliable friends, they collect information for other purposes, these people can be advertising companies, or electronic criminals have an interest in knowing your personal information.

Social networks break your privacy every day

One is no longer concealed that major technical companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others are striving to collect as much information as possible and data for use in other goals such as electronic advertisements, recognition and user data.

For example, Facebook works to draw user data without permission, because it collects your photos using the database of surface recognition where Facebook has been developing surface recognition technology to learn more about the form of This person and this is devastating using one of your photos. Someone who finds all your information through your published pictures during your life on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites, and many extract them.

Unless you use the Internet, your data remains at a durable risk, and want to learn that everything to do on social media and electronic sites go to the end of the major servers for large companies such as Facebook, and Twitter, and others to be stored and used for other purposes such as advertising, and many hidden things to the moment, and the best proof of what the EU is making decisions that can lead to final cessation in European countries due to violations Its user privacy, which is bad for reputable companies for data and privacy such as the rest of social networks such as Twitter, and leading companies like Google, he should learn to aim of these Final companies is to achieve more profits just regardless of your privacy and your data.

I advise you to make your own use of social media is very limited and if you can get away much better, be careful when looking on Google, or when publishing on Facebook, Twitter, and others, all of the pool and information of your data in any way was simple., Or search for information on Google.

Can you control your privacy on social media?

Every individual is responsible for its data in his accounts on social media. You simply modify some of the options to deliver your privacy from weak to power to provide better protection for your online information. Because you do everything to protect your data will remain gaps, for example if you decide to delete your account will remain your friends, and your relatives share your personal information, and even if you delete applications tan- Social networking installed on your phone, does not work if your privacy from the beginning is weak to this important protection your online privacy before sharing something on any communication platform.

How to protect your privacy on social media?

Here are some tips that help you protect your privacy on social media:

  • Read and accommodate the conditions of privacy well

Every website is privacy, including social networking sites, for this before creating an account. Registration for an account in one of the social networking platforms, for example, in the privacy content talking about the sharing of your information with a third party, and can delete your content from the platform B A permanent way or not, they are all very important information should be informed before taking the decision to create your own personal account.

  • Adjust the privacy settings

After you understand the settings of privacy, and vulnerabilities know where you should start adjusting where to find the option "privacy settings", but before I want to refer you to any privacy settings of social networking platform , Most of them can allow your information with other destinations of online users, this leads to restrict the amount of information that the social networking platform can share with other users do not know.

  • Your CV information

To record an account in many social networking platforms, you are required to provide information about your CV, such as full name, or year, age, or title, I advise you to keep this information for yourself to be known as other users Social media, where these information can be provided about internet criminals are sufficient to damage your damage, this proved as much as possible reduces your personal information about communication.

  • Account information

Never publish sensitive information like the nearest schools from your home, or your bank account information, or your previous location, or current, or your general interests, you may feel that The information does not cause damage to you, but can be used to fool you, or send you annoying ads for you.

  • Ignoring friendship claims don't know

I am not forced to accept all friendly requests to respond to you by people on social media, especially those who do not know, if you want to be careful when you accept friends, follow them, or before accepting any follow-up, or A friendly request, look for a sender and understanding? You to do? What kind of content involved?

  • Turn off your site

While adjusting the privacy settings do not forget to stop the characteristic of your site with a social networking platform to use, this way will avoid giving the podium.

  • Be careful to disperse online images

Before publishing any images designed twice, where publishing images on social media from risky activities, for example, can reveal a simple picture of your son's / daughter even if his name is not shown about a lot of information Your house, and this makes you and your family members go to Moroccan internet criminals.

While browsing your Facebook I have seen many publications that encourages you to get something attractive like commenting point to get a valuable gift, when asked to avoid, because they can be affiliated applications for misuse and abuse. You must indicate outside that social networking platforms do not carry the responsibility of what applications of third parties do.

  • Avoid suspension with a point security Tips to Protect Your Privacy On Social Media

These tips should be considered at any site or application that needs to register an account with a view to protecting your privacy, and information of your account, under some important security advice:

  • Choose a powerful and secure password.
  • Do not use one password for all your accounts.
  • Be sure to change your passwords periodically.
  • Avoid entering public computers, or use your friends to enter your accounts.
  • Be careful when combines with a general wireless network, if possible use VPN application.
  • Avoid clicking on links published by others on social media.

Protect your device with a powerful password to protect your bills in communication devices if lost or stolen.

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