Are you looking for a mobile phone work? 4 things you will pay attention to it and should be available

Are you looking for a mobile phone work? 4 things you will pay attention to it and should be available

When evaluating buying mobile work, there are several factors that must be observed. Not only price, but also a good choice. Reaping the four basic factors to take into consideration when buying your business phone. In this way are certainly greater success.

What mobile Choose?

Also, as a preliminary matter, it depends on the type of your business. All activities do not require the same features, but the four points we will probably probably be those who always take into consideration. All is a much better added.

- the battery capacity

The battery capacity is one of the most important problems when you choose a portable phone for a good job. Thanks to this, we allow ourselves to perform day full business without having to resort to any plug.

In general, large capacity batteries are integrated by 4,000 mA per hour. It should be more than enough to carry the hustle and noise will work on the job. Sure you can return home and enough battery in the machine. 

Android manufacturers are running the initiative in this regard, to enjoy their mobile phones with a good reputation when it comes to large battery integration. In the case of Apple, have always criticized the fact that the battery is extensive. However, the latest range of devices managed to achieve excellent performance. For example, iPhone 13 users, especially Pro and PRO MAX, do not stop talking about the wonders around the quantum leap that occurred at the battery level.

- Screen Size

It is another factor that should not be forgotten. The big screen is always a real fun in business phone. If you have a large screen, you will be able to notify faster notes, read emails and reply to them without having to make much effort, or messages write without your fingers pressing on the wrong keys or show presentation for the customer from your own devices.

It is not necessary to have your OLED screen or to have a refresh rate of 120 Hz, is on a wide screen that allows you to work without great effort, so you feel comfortable and you can even use to replace the tablet.

The balance between good screen phone and awkward hand is also difficult to find, but as a general rule, your phone should be 5.5 inch screen.

- Resistance

This factor depends on the task type is implemented. The phone should always be resistant, but some activities we have to be more careful. We are talking about all those involving outdoor work, physical activity or dangerous attitudes

To view, for example, the phone to have the building manager, who will be presented to many dust or moisture or extreme heat. In these cases, it is always interesting to know phones have protection against these items, such as IP67 or IP68 certificate.

- Two slides

At present, the possibility of a device that allows a cell hallfeat very important. Firstly, because we can get personal lines and working on the same phone, or have two different steps to work.

Manufacturers like Apple include 11 series, such ESIMS format, no virtual card. Thus, both the manufacturer in California and the rest, we have many actions with Dual SIM phones.

I do not think it will be expensive, we really cheap Android phones with both cases, about $ 150.

We believe that these four aspects are the aspects to be taken into account, already, to choose our mobile phone. Other problems such as a camera or stereo speakers will avoid, but the phone must contain a good job on everything we said.

Are you looking for a mobile phone work? 4 things you will pay attention to it and should be available

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