Microsoft Teams Offers Walkie Talkie Feature to All Users

Microsoft Teams Offers Walkie Talkie Feature to All Users

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has made the Walkie Talkie feature available to all users of its Microsoft Teams app for communication, chat and meetings, a feature that allows Microsoft Teams users, whether through smartphones or tablets with Android or iOS systems, to transform their devices on a wireless communication device over the Internet, either by connecting to cell phone networks or via Wi-Fi, a feature the company announced about two years ago and made available for preview to some users before it was officially released. this week for all users.

Microsoft makes the “Walkie Talkie” feature of the business platform (Microsoft Teams) available to all users of the app, as this feature allows users of the platform to convert smartphones and tablets into a wireless device that works via cellular or network data. wireless (Wifi).

As stated by The Verge in a recent article on this, this feature was announced two years ago and is under review to this day.

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Microsoft introduced the Walkie Talkie feature in Microsoft Teams to help frontline workers and employees who run day-to-day operations in companies, so the feature can be used to communicate with a group of employees or workers in a warehouse, for example. , to send a call, notice or otherwise, Microsoft has already collaborated with a mobile device manufacturer to provide a built-in button that allows access to the feature directly by simply pressing it, for the user to press to speak directly, and also provided the feature in cooperation with Samsung on its Galaxy XCover 5 phone, which is the phone with which Samsung targets workers in harsh working environments or in outdoor working environments such as factories, warehouses, etc.

Microsoft has put this capability within reach of front-line workers and employees who deal directly with customers and manage day-to-day operations at companies, as programmers are collaborating with Zebra Technologies to add a dedicated speech button directly between the suite of company mobile devices. ”, these devices are widely used for these categories of employees.

Walkie Talkie feature in Microsoft Teams eliminates the need to purchase special devices for work teams

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While Apple has provided a feature of the same name that performs the same function for users of Apple Watch smartwatches such as the Apple Watch 7 and others, communication via the Walkie Talkie feature is rare in chat and communication apps via email. video, which sets Microsoft Teams apart from competitors, as it eliminates the need to purchase special devices to take advantage of the feature.

Microsoft Teams users can rely on the app as a Walkie Talkie by simply opening the Microsoft Teams app, whether for iPhone or Android, and clicking the Walkie Talkie from the bottom bar or clicking “More” to access the feature.

It's worth noting that Apple launched its own "Walkie-Talkie" feature on its smartwatches in 2018, using the dedicated speech button in FaceTime voice calls.

The latest version of the Microsoft Teams app is now available for download for iOS users (iPhone and iPad) from the Apple App Store, and the app is available for free download for Android users from the Google Play Store.

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