How to Enable & Use Google Smart Lock on Android

How to Enable & Use Google Smart Lock on Android

Well, Android Smartphones Usam offers some integrated security options. Besides Fingerprint Password Face / / Open, Google also offers a smart block.

How to Enable & Use Google Smart Lock on Android

Google Smart Lock feature there for a while, available on all Android smart phones. However, many users do not know about resources or use. So in this article, Google will explain SMART Lock Google feature and how it works.

What is Google Smart Lock?

Well, Google Smart Lock feature security that allows you to access the device much faster than usual. Also, when you activate Google Smart Lock, you do not need to insert the password every time you take your phone.

How to Enable & Use Google Smart Lock on Android

Google offers intelligent lock for different options. For example, you can allow detection of the body to avoid the phone when you place it from your pocket or wallet.

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Likewise, there is a trusted hardware option that allows you to choose the Bluetooth devices where you trust. When you set up a trusted device, you do not need to enter the password when you connect your phone to Bluetooth devices.

There are other options as trusted sites, sound and reliable face games. So, and in short, it is an advantage if it is enabled that you will not have to unlock the device by typing your password or PIN.

Steps to Set up Google Smart Lock on Android device

Configuring Intelligent Lock on Android is very easy. You need to follow some of the following simple steps. Here's how to activate and use Google Smart Lock on Android devices.

  1. First of all, open the settings on your Android smartphone.
  2. When applying the settings, the faucet security option as shown below.
  3. On the Security page, press Advanced Settings or Smart Lock Option.
  4. Now, you need to enter your password or PIN from your device.
  5. Now, you will find many smart google blocking options. It would be best if you choose your favorite option.
  6. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the configuration process.

All paths require different options to activate them. For example, sites are trustworthy in the need for GPS resources to detect their presence place.

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Google Smart Lock The configuration is very easy on android. You need to follow simple steps, as shown above. I hope this article helps you! Please share with your friends as well. 

How to Enable & Use Google Smart Lock on Android

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