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Activision dismisses dozens of employees for misconduct at work

Activision dismisses dozens of employees for misconduct at work

Last year, following widespread reports of a poor working environment at Activision, the company came under a lot of pressure, until it was criticized by Sony and Microsoft, and then Nintendo joined the list of critics of Activision.

These pressures have led Activision's board of directors to set up a committee to adjust its work environment, and today, according to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, we learn that Activision has already made significant efforts to improve its public image.

The report said Activision had received around 700 complaints about the work environment and employee misconduct in their work corridors since last July, after reviewing 90% of those complaints. , the company fired 37 employees and took disciplinary action against another 44 employees. . Among those sanctioned was Jesse McCree.

The report also stated that the company's chief executive, Bobby Kotick, had deliberately postponed the disclosure of the report on disciplinary measures, which were supposed to be issued and published during the holidays, because he believed that the publication of that report to the public was in progress. paint a worse picture than the actual picture of the company.

A spokesman for Activision today responded to the Wall Street Journal report saying they had already laid off and disciplined the aforementioned number of employees and administrators in the company for their misconduct, but denied that the number of complaints had reached -700, saying that most of the complaints that the employees submitted to the administration were young and unworthy of action, he also denied the allegations against Chief Executive Bobby Kotick, saying that they were not true.