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Multiple VPNs on one computer | Windows multiple VPN connections

Multiple VPNs on one computer | Windows multiple VPN connections

Multiple VPNs on one computer | Windows multiple VPN connections

Can you have 2 VPN's at the same time? in Windows If you have two VPNs installed on your computer, you will probably have trouble getting them to work at the same time We do not recommend using two VPNs, but there are situations where you may need two at the same time, such as if you want to connect to a company VPN through a personal VPN.

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Fortunately, setting up a dual connection like this isn't that bad on Windows, as long as you're willing to set up a virtual machine to do the heavy lifting, the same trick will work on macOS and Linux, however it's not easily possible on mobile devices. like iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Multiple VPNs on one computer

First, however, let's leave behind a misconception that there is generally no problem with installing two or more VPNs on one device. You go anywhere, on the other hand, if you have two VPNs installed, one when you work from home that takes you to your company intranet and one in person to watch Netflix, but they are never on at the same time, then there shouldn't be no problem, and remember to close one before turning on the other and you should be good to go, the only exception seems to be NordVPN which can sometimes stop connecting to servers if it is the second VPN installed, we are not sure why that is just because it can usually be fixed by uninstalling it and any other VPNs on your PC and once you're working with a blank slate, just reinstall both VPNs making sure to use NordVPN first.

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Can you have 2 VPN's at the same time?

The VPN connects you from the ISP server to the VPN server and from there to the server of the site you want to visit, the connection between the VPN and the site is encrypted in the process creating a so-called "secure tunnel" and this The tunnel makes your ISP cannot see what you are trying to do and the site you are connecting to cannot track your location, simultaneous VPN connections, also called "double hop", "multi-hop" or "double VPN", which is when you connect to a VPN server and then connects to the Else server, this effectively creates a double encrypted connection which should be doubly secure or at least advertised by the VPN providers they offer, and NordVPN is the connection that comes to mind.

Multiple VPNs on one computer | Windows multiple VPN connections

However, a connection with double encryption may seem more secure, but there is no real reason to believe that, after all, if one connection can be traced, why not another? There is a case to show that dual connection can prevent a VPN service from logging your data when duplicated, but if you trust a service very little you may wonder why you are using it, however there is a case for people who use VPN for Businesses that don't want their owner to be traced work on their logs, but even in this case, you may want to think twice before setting up a double VPN, the main reason for this is speed or rather the lack of it, even the best VPN will. slow down your connection, but having two running at the same time is a huge hit for performance, and when using a dual VPN connection, be it a connection made by yourself or provided by a VPN provider, expect speeds to drop to a minimum.

why can you have simultaneous vpn connections at the same time

Even leaving these considerations aside, another problem is using two different VPNs at the same time, it doesn't work, almost always the first connection will work fine but the second one gets stuck while connected, this is due to the way VPNs work, when install the VPN on a Windows device you also install something called a TAP adapter, this is a piece of software that interacts with your network hardware - the devices that regulate how your computer communicates with other devices and the internet - and makes the VPN connection bypass the normal connection; It is much more technical than that but this is how it works in a nutshell as it is somehow built into the TAP switch to take over the job, running two at the same time causes conflict, luckily the conflict is not too serious and will only fail . 

Multiple VPNs on one computer | Windows multiple VPN connections

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the virtual network.The second special, and maybe the first one too if you're unlucky, and there's no permanent damage to your computer or anything like that, it's just annoying.

how to configure two simultaneous vpn connections at the same time

However, there are two ways to fix this problem when using Windows, the first is very technical and involves creating a subnet with its own port, and then assigning its own subnet and ports to each VPN in your config file, assuming that your VPN has a VPN. protocol like OpenVPN which allows: this would allow you to create a double VPN connection yourself and of course there is a simple solution to avoid all this problem which is to run your second VPN through a virtual machine (VM), a second fake computer running on your desktop or laptop, and it seems a lot more complicated than it is right Now.

Multiple VPNs on one computer | Windows multiple VPN connections