How to delete Tumblr account » how to delete tumblr account on android or iphone

How to delete Tumblr account » how to delete tumblr account on android or iphone

If you think it is time to How to delete Tumblr account on phone, in this article I will show you all the steps that you need to follow.

How to delete Tumblr account » how to delete tumblr account on android or iphone

The first thing to keep in mind is that all the content we put on this microblogging network where we can post photos, videos, links and more is permanently lost.

It will be permanently lost unless we backup all previously published content.

Running this process never hurts and always allows us to have all the content we put in our hands (you never know when we might need it).

Backup Tumblr blog

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if we have deleted our Tumblr account and did not support it before, then if we want to avoid future dramas, the first thing we have to do is download all the content we put on this platform since we started using it.

Here are the steps to follow to backup our Tumblr before closing it.

1. The first thing to do is to visit the following link that leads us to the account configuration options.

2. Next, we choose the blog from which we want to download all the content from the right side of the screen.

3. Next, go to the end of that page and click on the Export Blog Name button.

Once we request the backup, when we do, we will receive an email with a link to download it.

This link takes us to the same section where we request a backup to download, we must click on the Download Backup button to the right of this button, the date we asked to create the backup.

Some of them include content downloaded from Tumblr

All content included in the backup is distributed as follows and includes:

* A file called Posts, where we find all posts in HMTL format independently that we can open with any browser that includes drafts, private posts, all hidden content and posts we marked as favorites.

* In the Media folder, we find all the multimedia content that we have posted on Tumblr, be it images, GIFs or videos in the format that we share on the platform.

* All the conversations we have had in our posts or in other posts, we find them in an XML file.

* In addition to compiling all your posts into one file, in XML format as well.

We can do this process both from the desktop version and through the mobile app that Tumblr made available to us.

How to delete Tumblr account on phone

Unlike the previous process, if we can do it from a mobile device through the application itself, the process of permanently deleting the Tumblr account can only be done through the browser.

If we activate two-step authentication, we will have to enter the code that the service sends us by mail when we begin deleting the account so that we can confirm that we are the legitimate owners of the account.

When you delete a Tumblr account, all the blogs we created from our account (if any), both primary and secondary, will be deleted.

How to delete Tumblr account on phone

1. First, we need to browse the configuration options from our Tumblr account via this link

2. Next, go to the bottom of the Account section and click on the Delete Account button.

3. Next, we have to enter the email associated with our account with the password.

4. If two-stage authentication is also configured, then you get a code that we want to enter as well.

5. Finally, the web page shows us a message “What a shame, it no longer exists…” confirming that our account and all its content have been completely removed from this platform and an invitation to register again.

If in the future we want to use this platform again, we can reuse the same email we used to create the old account, because after deleting all associated content, there will be no prior registration of our stay on this platform.

What is tumblr

If we talk about blogging, we want to talk about WordPress, the platform that dominates most of the market for this type of web page.

Tumblr became part of WordPress in 2019, having moved to Yahoo for $3 million, far less than what Yahoo paid when it bought it in 2013 for more than $1.1 billion.

Anyway, buy Tumblr from Automattic (the company behind WordPress) is the biggest the company has made since its inception, and unlike purchases made by other companies in the same sector, the company has been and will remain independent.

Practically since its inception in 2007, and although this was not the goal of the company, this platform has become a front for the dissemination of pornographic content, according to the New York Times, although mm according to its creator, David Karp, this content is only 2 - 4 % of traffic.

Due to the various controversies surrounding the company regarding its pornographic, anti-Semitic and other content, the company has implemented at a safe rate, by classifying all content inappropriate for all ages as NSFW

However, as of December 2018, Tumblr completely banned all this content, which made no sense in the community, and forced these frustrated users to use other platforms, where they can find the worst and the worst. The most insulting of the Internet.

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