Android project ideas 2021 and How to make money creating apps for Android

Android project ideas 2021 and How to make money creating apps for Android

Android project ideas 2021 and How to make money creating apps for Android

Dear visitor, if you are looking for a “successful application of new ideas”, and you want “Android project ideas 2021”, then you are in the right place.

We will get to know you, dear visitor, about the best “how to make money new ideas” and we will tell you how to “Can I make an Android app without any knowledge?”.

Before we begin to list the new ideas, we must point out one very important thing, which is that most of the ideas that people search for have been used.

We are going to go through some exclusive ideas with which you can “How to make money creating apps for Android”, and that is why the advantage is the basis of success in everything.

We had discussed in a previous article on our website about "Android project ideas 2021", and we knew what ideas "Mobile app ideas 2021" can work through.

We said that excellence is the basis of success, and now we will tell you, dear reader, that excellence is actually the basis of success.

Perhaps the idea of ​​a new and exclusive application is now present in the applications and circulated by people, but it lacks a certain thing, and the application of that idea will be legendary.

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You can make that idea, dear reader, but you are in the forefront and win the idea of ​​that application, for excellence is what brings success.

It is not important to provide exclusive applications that no one has done before, the important thing is to provide a creative touch in the application that you will make, which will generate a lot of money for you.

So let us linger more and start listing these ideas as pen heads for ideas that you may find simple, but they will be unique.

Android project ideas 2021

1. The idea of ​​​​a project for Android applications, encrypted channels

Dear reader, do not underestimate this idea, if you can build a website to broadcast encrypted matches and movies, you will make the application very simple.

The idea is that after you make the site, design an application for that site, and so you translate two birds with one stone.

This idea needs an expert in sites, codes, codes and programming languages, because Google will not accept from these sites except a magic mixture, and this mixture results in that the visits that will come to your site are visits from a site where there are no violations.

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And this, as we said, needs someone with experience in this field, and if you apply it correctly, I guarantee your success by 1000%.

2. Android applications project idea for study

You can imagine, dear reader, how many students are studying in the world.

You can only imagine, dear reader, how many students are studying in the sixth grade of primary school.

It's a very huge number, isn't it, let alone if you program an application that helps them study the subjects they study in those disciplines.

There are a large number of applications that you can program in this field, and these are ideas that I see successful and useful at the same time.

3. Android Automotive Applications Project Idea

This idea is also one of the ideas of successful applications, and even very successful, as we have seen the new application that displays the specifications of smart phones, how it has been very popular and successful.

The idea of ​​making an Android application to know the specifications of the car, and what are its advantages and disadvantages, is a new and wonderful idea.

This idea may be a bit tiring and difficult, but the success of the application will be impressive.

4. The idea of ​​​​a project for Android applications for the blind

If you know a blind person who is good with their class and knows how to communicate with them, you will create an Android app with this idea.

This idea may be one of the ideas of strange Android applications, but it is considered one of the service applications that will receive thanks and praise from everyone.

The idea of ​​designing an app to teach blind people some important things in life, and how to deal with their lives is a great idea as well.

5. The idea of ​​​​a project for Android medical applications

There are many medical applications available on the Android system, but you can be distinguished from the rest by adding a creative touch to your own application.

The touch may be in the idea of ​​the application, the content of the application, or the quality of the application. The important thing is that there is a new idea for your application and it will compete with all other applications.

6. The idea of ​​a practical Android applications project

And here we mean practical applications, those applications that provide a service to people, such as file transfer applications, applications for sharing photos, videos and large files between several people.

You can also make an application to download from the Internet with new features such as placing a VPN within the application, the feature of downloading from all communication sites and other advantages.

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Such applications are very popular among society in general, and they are applications that every person needs daily.

All of these ideas are what people are looking for now, and they are among the applications that will be successful by all standards.

But if you want to know more details about "best android project ideas", you can go to the article on Successful Android Application Ideas, as it contains a lot of ideas.

And to learn “How to make money creating apps for Android” as well as making Android apps without programming, you may want to know the Skechware app.

The idea of ​​the application is that it is programming Android applications for free without programming experience, and I personally have worked on it in several applications and games.

You can go to YouTube, there are several channels dedicated only to this application, you can take advantage of them, and you can take advantage of the free projects and templates that they provide.

In conclusion, every idea of ​​any strange Android applications or rare Android applications will have a reputation and a great future.

But on the condition that you do not make any loophole for your competitors to design the same application as yours with the addition of features that you did not add.

You have to think of the user who will be using the application, what must be in it for it to be a successful application.

Thus, it will certainly succeed, and we have seen this in many applications, their designers have done everything in terms of the idea of ​​the application, but they forgot some of the suggestions that the residents of Google Play suggested to them.

Others took advantage of these gaps and designed applications with the same idea, but by adding features that are not present in the first application.

Thus, they became ahead of the basic application of the idea, adding a creative touch to any application is the basis for the success of the application.

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