IPhone 11 specifications | advantages and disadvantages

IPhone 11 specifications | advantages and disadvantages

IPhone 11 specifications | advantages and disadvantages

Apple has revealed its official conference on your latest and cheapest phone between this year, the iPhone 11 improves the performance to be faster and the cheapest Apple smart phone this year, as well as the improvement in the cameras with a battery Largest Apple iPhone XR Telephone design is slightly back and changing Apple's first time, where it became the phone's medium, as the usual phone comes from the glass with a metal frame with an old Nitch shape, like the iPhone X format. as follows

Apple iPhone 11 specifications

  • Recently support NFC.

  • The phone admits two connections not Nano SIM and ESIM.

  • The phone comes with dimensions 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm with 194 grams of weight.

  • It supports 2G 2G and 3G 3G and fourth generation 4G.

  • The iPhone 11 is an anti-waterproof and dust with IP68 certificate up to 2 meters for half an hour.

IPhone 12 Pro Max - Full phone Specifications and disadvantages

  • The phone is made of glass with aluminum metal frame, as in its former iPhone XR.

  • The screen comes from the IPS LCD of the liquid retina with a 6.1-inch HD + 828 X 1792 pixels at a density rate of 326 pixels per inch with screen support for display dimensions in 19.5: 9 with a protective layer As usual from the olefóbic apple coating with an anti-scratch glass are the same as the iPhone XR is not new.

  • The phone is available with three versions of solid memory and random memory as follows: -

- The first version comes with a solid memory of 64 GB with a random memory of 4GB.

- The second version comes with a 128-gigabyte with a random memory of 4 GB.

- The third version comes with a solid memory of 256 GB with a random memory of 4GB.

- The phone does not support the installation of the Mimorian card, can not increase the storage space, so that it is usual Apple.

Specifications phone Apple iPhone XS | advantages and disadvantages

  • The phone comes in an Apple Apple A13 Bionic Technology processor with 7 nano technology to be the strongest processor currently available and the company has explained that this processor exceeds whether on performance or graphic performance, where the processor performs the iPhone XR and Galaxy S10 + and P30 Pro and Pixel 3 Apple will be a king of return coming.

  • The front camera comes accurately 12 megaps with the opening of the lens f / 2.2 and can now record the slow motion through the FHD cameras with 1080 pixels at 120 pixels with a remarkable improvement in the insulation and portrait with a second TOF camera For isolation accounts. and Livis blocking.

  • The phone comes with a bilateral background camera where the first camera is accurately 12 mega pixels with the lens opening f / 1.8 and is the basic camera on the phone and supports the OIS optical installer for the second camera.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Specifications | advantages and disadvantages

  • The phone supports the additional microphone with isolation and noise noise while using the phone in general and supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus.

  • The phone supports 4K quality videos with 2160 pixels at a capture speed of 30, 30 and 60 tables per second, in addition to its support for the quality of the FHD 1080 pixels at a capture speed of 30 and 60 tables per second and The FHD Imaging also admits the quality of 120 and 240 tables per second.

  • Security: The phone works with the face ID with an improvement marked with the previous generation iPhone X.

  • Most other sensors admit the accelerometer, proximity and air pressure and jaroscope.

  • The GPS supports with its support for other navigation systems, such as A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZS.

  • Bluetooth comes with the fifth version with its support for A2DP, Le.

  • Supports Wi-Fi with A / B / G / N / AX frequencies with double band support, access points.

  • The capacity of the battery comes with 3110 mA with its 18-watt fast shipping with its support for wireless load.

  • In the operating system, iOS 13.

  • The phone is available in black, green, yellow, violet color, red color and white.

IPhone SE 2020 Specifications | advantages and disadvantages

Apple iPhone 11 disadvantages

# The port of 3.5 mm does not admit ear extensions.

# It is still a rays port and we aspire to be changed to type C.

# The LCD of Liquid Retina IPS is still and it is not modified as the low screen resolution is still compared with competitors.

# The telephone tray is not compromised in the 18-watt fast charger and to enjoy, it must be purchased separately by phone with only 5 watts charger!

Applets Apple iPhone 11 advantages

* The phone comes waterproof and dust with IP68 certificate.

* You will get a faster performance available thanks to the Bionic processor A13.

* Finally, the iPhone 11 is compatible with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital Plus for stereo stereo.

* The battery life has increased by an hour compared to the previous apple XR.

IPhone 12 Mini Specifications | advantages and disadvantages

* For the first time, Apple finally He decided to add a wide ultra wide camera.

* Like the usual performance chambers, they do not have a powder, either with an excellent improvement for cameras to equate with iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cameras at a cheaper price.


Unboxing of Apple iPhone 11

Phone with iOS 13 - Loader Head - Lick us USB Link - Heavy Ears Headphones with Light ing Wire - Metal Pin - Warranty Deposit and Instructions.


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