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Download ludo club game for Android and PC from a direct link

Download ludo club game for Android and PC from a direct link

Download ludo club game for Android and PC from a direct link

Now it is easy to download ludo club for Android, for your computer and for iPhone, the latest version comes with a direct link with ease, as the game is a simple and entertaining game that provides fun for those who play it, and the game is composed of a set of squares and there are some actions There are blue, red, green, yellow discs and dice. You can play with 2 to 4 people in the ludo club game for Android, and now you can play with your device and with the technological development that we are witnessing in this period there is the possibility of playing with anyone around the world. Each player has four tokens and you must use the tokens to make a full spin based on the number you get by rolling the dice, and the player who can skip all four spins first is the winner.

Brief about the ludo club game

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Dice download is an old Indian game called patch, Dice is multiplayer game, and the first version of Ludo game download for Android phones was released on September 6, 2017, released by India-based Moon Frog, Ludo Club is a fun dice game to beat the epic boards and the most famous competition in Ludo Star games, one of the competitors, the game has been downloaded more than 50 million times through one of the official stores of all over the world, Ludo Club is suitable for Android mobile phones, and you can download it through the official Google Play store, and you can download it through the official Apple store that works on your iPhone, the first feature we care about in Mac Topia website is to provide all new and free stuff like ludo club game that you can download for free Quick direct link from Via the links provided at the end of the article ass.

Ludo Club modes for Android Ludo Club

Download ludo club APK, download cycle game, download dice game for computer, download Ludo game for Android from Mediafire

There are many modes that you would love to play in ludo club apk, and these include the following modes:

Online: Connect to the Internet, so you can communicate and play with any player around the world, this dream contains only two players, you can move the dice on the board and move the pieces to reach the color on the board and then win the game, but you have to move four stones yourself.

Local: You have to choose if you want two, three or four players, you can also choose the name of the player you want to play with but it must also be online, and then the game starts, in this case.

Computer: You will have a real battle with the computer, and you must be ready to win the game, if you want two or four players on the board, the computer allows you to choose as many opponents in the game as you want.

Friends: The last mode you can choose if there are friends who want to compete with them, then you need to choose the game mode you want, whether the game is fast or classic, and then share the code with your friends to join the game. and play with them online.

Ludo club game download features:

Download ludo club APK, download cycle game, download dice game for computer, download Ludo game for Android from Mediafire

As we all know, the Ludo game is very widespread among many people around the world, because it is one of the fun games applicable to all operating systems where you can download it on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems, and you can also download on a device Your computer, where you can enjoy the fun of rolling the dice and waiting for the numbers to appear in front of you, move the dice in your hand and roll until you get the largest number and defeat your opponent in the game of the game Ludo .

One of the most important features that are available in the cycle game is that it is a very light game and it does not take up much space on your phone, and you can also download the dice game on weak Android devices that do not have high capabilities.

You and your friends can play the ludo club game online anywhere in the world, because it can be used online when the internet is available to you, you can also follow many friends online and enjoy the fun Ludo game with them, And you can also post your results to yourself and your friends via the social networking sites Social networking like Facebook and Twitter to brag about your wins to your friends.

You can download the new King Ludo game, which is of European and Indian origin, since it is originally a board game called Ludo, it has been developed and added many different languages ​​to win the most number of users around the world and everyone. you can deal with it without facing any problems.

Downloading the dice game is suitable for people of all ages, because it is suitable for adults and children to play, because it increases the interest and skills of the player, because there are many possibilities when it comes to throwing the dice, which increases the player's attention and patience to evade. him, in addition to the fact that the game is small in size and does not take up space on your device.

One of the great features of the game is the ability to play without the Internet with the device you have, be it a smartphone or a computer, since the game allows you to choose the level with which you want your device to compete.

A simple explanation about Ludo game download:

Download ludo club APK, download cycle game, download dice game for computer, download Ludo game for Android from Mediafire

After downloading the Ludo Club game through the links provided below the article, you will find that it supports the Arabic language and is very convenient to use according to your mobile phone's operating system, so that you can participate in the game. Play online with real people around you. And as we all know, the idea of ​​the game is a table with four different colored parts, each part represents a player, each part has four square or circular pieces centered on your part, and you have to move them in a complete circle to return to its center. You can move the piece forward according to the number that appears after the die is rolled, any piece that needs the number 6 to appear on the die to leave its position, if it falls on the opponent's piece, which will result in a return to zero, home or your center, and there are many places where there is a star symbol on it, and these places can be parked, and if your opponent comes to return it to the center, he will not be able to go to the squares with a star to protect you.

And the winning player is the one who connects all his center pieces to get the reward, so when entering the online challenge, everyone will join him to pay part of the points as a bet to start the game, the winner is to get All these points, and some of the helps to get more points are seeing. In addition, if you log in through your account on the social networking site Facebook, you will get 5,000 free coins.

Download Dice Game for Android from the Google Play Store

Download Ludo game for PC with direct link from Mediafire