Tips For Settling In With Your Newborn

Tips For Settling In With Your Newborn

Tips For Settling In With Your Newborn

As the parents of a newborn, life has changed drastically. Babies take up most of your day. They require feedings every three to four hours. They require constant attention while they are awake, too. As a new mother or father your job may feel overwhelming but in fact it can be one of the most wondrous times you experience.

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 In order to make sure that your new days as a new parent go well, consider these tips on incorporating your life into your newborns sudden demand for attention.

Developing A Routine

One of the keys to your success as a new parent will be your ability to set up a new routine for your child. A routine allows for everything to get done that needs to within the allotment of limited time you have. A routine is nearly possible at first because your newborn will dictate every minute that you have. Yet, it is still likely you can put in place a few crucial details.

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• Go to bed early. Newborns sleep most of the day away, so take advantage of this. You may have to get up three or more times per night but going to bed early will still allow you to have enough sleep.

• Make morning time a time for feedings and small things to do around the home. Don't expect to do a lot of chores during that first month. Instead, incorporate more time for just doing things in the short amount of time you have.

• In the afternoon, perhaps when the other parent comes home from work, take a break. This is a good time to throw a load of laundry into the wash and relax in a bath. Give yourself a break before the overnight shift starts again.

Breastfeeding Help

At the hospital, your nurses will help you learn techniques for breastfeeding. Take advantage of this help and ask questions. Talk to friends about their experience and learn from their mistakes. If you are finding it difficult to get your baby to nurse, call the hospital and talk to the nurses. Most hospitals have nurses who are able to come out and give you help.  

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Remember that breastfeeding your baby will take time. Therefore, don't jump at the first cry baby makes. Instead, get to the restroom first and even get something to drink. Flip on the television or grab a book to read. This way, you aren't rushed because you are thinking about the million things you could be doing.

A warm cloth or a warm shower will help drastically if you are feeling engorged. You may want to use a heating pad laid over the top of your breasts. This will help you relax and the pain to subside.

Don't Fret

Over the next few weeks, you will receive advice for plenty of friends and family members. Their advice may be sound, and their intentions good, but really what you use from it is up to you. Don't feel obligated to do whatever they tell you.

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Accepting help from anyone that offers is always a good thing. Do not feel like you have to do this all on your own. It is difficult and it will feel like you are not a good mom if you can't handle it all. This isn't true, though. If your neighbor would like to visit and perhaps give baby a bottle, go ahead and let them. This is a good time for you to sneak off for a quick shower, for example.

When it comes to giving out the tasks to those who are looking to help, give them the tasks that take longer to do. For example, if your sister wants to come over and help for the day, asking what she can do for you, give her a larger job. Ask her to handle the vacuuming or even changing the sheets on the bed. The small tasks around the home are all things you likely can do yourself, in between feedings and sleeping.

Being a new mother is hard, but it will get easier. Over time, you may find that by reaching out to others, you can improve the quality of your own time with your child.

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