Specifications phone Apple iPhone XS | advantages and disadvantages

Specifications phone Apple iPhone XS | advantages and disadvantages

Specifications phone Apple iPhone XS | advantages and disadvantages

After a long wait Apple announced new phones like iPhone XS and larger version of Apple iPhone XS Max with the third version of the low price, a phone iPhone XR talk in this article about the most important features of the phone Apple iPhone XS is excellent famous Balno or cut the famous Apple has also been developing the processor and battery also significantly especially with the new teletext Apple IOS 12 is a smooth, fast operation and have been added specifications and other new capabilities in this article, you 'learn the specifications and price advantages and disadvantages of mobile iPhone xs and all you need to know about the phone you will find in this article in the Mupaizl site to provide all information about mobile Egypt and the Arab world.

Specifications phone Apple iPhone XS

  • Supports two slides run connection supports second generation and the third and fourth networks.

  • Is the first leg of the type of Nano The other slide comes from the Esim type.

  • Weight 177 grams phone glass design behind a glass front 2.5D layer on the screen and the thickness of 7.7 mm aluminum frame.

  • 5.8-inch screen Super AMOLED or cutting Notch screen dimensions of 19.5: 9 screen is strongly ppi pixel 458 as the display acquires 82.9% of the body of the phone, which is of the same size, precision and dimensions of the phone Yvonne x

  • iPhone iOS mobile operating system XS 12

  • mobile processor is a six-A12 cores bionic is the strongest and the fastest processor Apple so far has been the manufacture of the Nano technology 7 Lemaitre makes it the best in performance and battery consumption ahead.

  • There are three copies of the phone: -

- The first version 64 GB with 4 GB.

- The second version is 256 GB with 4 GB.

- the third version of 512 GB to 4 GB RAM .

  • Background dual camera comes precisely 12 pixels mega lens aperture F / 1.8 The other chamber is precisely 12 Mega lens opening pixel F / 2.4, the same phone cameras Yvonne X and there are optical stabilizer 2x zoom brackets chamber isolation and video camera so that the quality of accurately captures 4K 2160 pixels at 60 frames per second.

  • Front camera 7 pixels mega lens aperture F / 2.2 supports isolation and portrait, but it was the video quality developed where did shoot 1080p video capture at 60 frames per second, while the Yvonne X phone is scanning a a rate of only 30 frames is despite the same camera shot.

  • As usual, Apple does not support the installation of mobile memory cards XS external port and 3.5 million speakers of private ear

  • It is compatible with all Almscarat save face and digital sensor available only footprints footprint

  • The development of special facial unlocking works quickly and effectively because of its support for true depth through the front camera.

  • battery capacity of 2658 mA and Apple claims it is longer for half an hour, compared to the battery of the phone iPhone X.

  • Supports battery and fast shipping wireless and can charge 50% of the battery in just half an hour.

  • iPhone XS phone is certified IP68 waterproof and dust from Apple

  • acceptable precision screen resolution is the same phone Yvonne where X comes precisely 1125 × 2436

  • colors mobile phone comes with 3 colors namely silver - dark gray - gold

Disadvantages of Apple iPhone mobile XS

  • There is no FM radio

  • The card does not support installing memory

  • Harbor 3.5 is not compatible with headphones

  • The charger connected with the phone does not support fast shipping

  • There are 128 GB version of Apple on this phone

  • The same iPhone X Design design is not a development and no innovation.

  • The price of 512 GB version comes at a very high in the UAE, as it comes at the price of AED 5709, while the same version of the price of the telephone 512 is priced nut 9 AED 4599 AED

  • - so it is sure to be at a very high price for 9 in the notes of Egypt as his older brother, Max XS Apple iPhone

  • Phone advantages Apple iPhone XS

  • Excellent processor and is the latest and fastest Apple

  • certificate IP68 waterproof and dust

  • The better AMOLED screen is the best in the world so far

  • Mode version with a capacity of 512 GB, which is not available in the iPhone and to compete with X-9 Walnut

  • Excellent performance cameras have improved image quality from previous phone dramatically

  • Battery with more time than iPhone

  • Communication media has become two sections

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