IPhone 12 Pro Max - Full phone Specifications and disadvantages

IPhone 12 Pro Max - Full phone Specifications and disadvantages

IPhone 12 Pro Max - Full phone Specifications and disadvantages

Apple announced its last telephones to be the most powerful phone iPhone 12 Pro Max

Light, which is constantly developing and for a long time that Android phones continue to support only two years, always interested in the comfort of their users, but against. Be the value of your high-priced phones.

In particular in the world of Android or that the phone is not a slogan of Apple, we no longer know it through the following.

IPhone 12 Pro Max specifications

  • The contact telephone number is compatible with the NFC range

  • The phone is 160.8 × 78.1 × 7.4 mm with weight 226 grams.

  • The phone is resistant to fresh, water and dust with the IP68 certificate even depth of 6 meters underwater and for half an hour.

  • Durability and quality of raw materials used from the glass (and Apple launches the name of the ceramic shield that have more than 4 times in the case of fall) with a stainless steel metal frame.

  • The phone supports two sim nano sim connections and the esim type.

  • Second generation networks and 3G, 4G 4G and 5G generation are allowed.

  • The screen comes in a large number of 6.7 inches with an area of ​​1284 x 2778 pixels at a density rate of 458 pixels per inch with its HDR10 property holder, as well as the oleophob coating protection layer with A layer of scratch protection as it supports the dimensions of the screen in 19.5: 9 to show more content on the phone's screen.

  • The phone is available in more than one of the solid memory and random memory as follows: -

  1. - The first version comes with a 128-gigabytes of NVME with 6 GB.

2. - The second version comes with a 256 GB of NVME with 6 GB.

3. - The third version comes with a type of 512 GB of NVME with 6 GB.

4. - The phone does not admit the possibility of increasing the storage space through the memory card.

  • The performance of the phone comes with a leading apple processor where Apple A14 Bionic comes with 5 Nano Technology with the Apple GPU 4-core graphics processor as a new generation of artificial intelligence of the neural motor to provide a faster and original performance from the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 mini.

  • The front camera comes with a double camera where the first camera comes accurately 12 mega pixels with a lens opening f / 2.2. About the second camera is a 3D SL camera for insulation and unlocking phone through the ID property of the face.

  • The rear camera comes with a quad camera where the first camera is accurately 12 mega pixels with 1,7μm AF / 1.6 lens opening and supports OPTICAL OIS installer and supports installation by installing the same camera sensor and It does not completely provide priority in stability.

And it is the basic camera on the second camera with precision 12 mega pixels with the opening of the lens f / 2.2 and is specialized to round and supports the OIS optical installer and 2.5x times without loss of quality with a large lens size of 65 mm The width photography is for the fourth camera. Flash LED.

  • The secondary microphone phone supports the isolation of noise and noise while using the phone in general.

  • The phone supports 4K 3260 pixels with a capture rate of 24, 30 and 60 tables per second and FHD support with 1080 pixels with 30 and 60 tables per second and supported with HD images of 720 pixels at a capture speed 30 tables per second .

  • Slow motion also admits 1080 pixels to 120 and 240 tables per second.

  • The external speakers come stereo voice, in addition to backing the phone for Dolby Atmos property.

  • The GPS geographic phone supports and supports other navigation systems, such as A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, BDS.

IPhone 13 Specifications, advantages, disadvantages and price

  • Bluetooth comes with version 5.0 with its support for the A2DP, Le.

  • The Wi-Fi comes with A / B / G / N / AX frequencies with its double-band support, access point.

  • Safety and protection on the phone: The phone supports the ID property of the face and works reliably.

  • The phone admits most other sensors, such as acceleration, proximity, compass and virtual reality VR and air pressure.

  • The USB port comes from the rate of lightning.

  • The 3687 MA battery continues to run for 20 hours in videos by phone and continues working for 12 hours in online videos and continue working to play acoustics and music for 80 hours.

  • The phone supports fast shipping of 20 watts (non-attached charger), as it is compatible with the 15-watt wireless load through (MAGSAFE) also supports the wireless load with (Qi Chargers) will be 7.5 watts.

  • The phone is available in blue, golden color and dark lead and silver color.

IPhone 13 Pro Max Specifications, advantages, disadvantages and price

IPhone 12 Pro Max Disadvantages

* The weight of the phone is heavy in transporting and using a hand.

* The phone does not support the features of the port of 3.5 mm.

* Ear, but this is usual Apple and all the leading phones.

* The design language is not very different.

* Unfortunately, the company has not moved to use higher frequency rates on the screen and only 60Hz is sufficient.

* The size of the battery compared to the previous generation has been reduced to make the thin.

* The phone supports fast shipping but only 20 watts (it is late for competitors).

* Despite the high price of the phone, the phone case does not compromise (charger or headphones).

Features iPhone 12 Pro Max:

- Supports 4K images with a very excellent stability of the main lens due to the new sensor change technology that is greatly improved from the videos.

- The phone also supports videos from Dolby Vision HDR, which means it supports more video color and, of course, very different videos on your phones and has increased with this feature.

- It is also compatible with the RAW format as it modifies the blank images of the phone to get more professional images.

- The phone has now supported the night mode on all lenses (except the ZOM camera). To get a better shooting experience.

- The cameras offer excellent performance, especially with the experience of the LIDAR camera, which will provide a unique experience and will be a powerful advantage on the phone.

IPhone 13 Mini Specifications, advantages, disadvantages and price

- MAGSAFE wireless load has been developed with magnets in the center of the phone to place other accessories, but you have to buy a separate wireless charger and have 15 watts.

- Supports 5g 5g networks.

- The phone comes waterproof and dust thanks to the IP68 certificate with protection for more depth of 6 meters underwater.

- Unlike the phone to have a stronger and faster performance currently available in the markets.

- External speakers admit stereo sound with support for Dolby Atmos property.

- The Super Retina XDR OLED screen offers a unique but excellent experience.

Opens iPhone 12 Pro Max:

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 14 - Metal Pin - Instruction Manual This shows how to use the phone: a USB ray cable.

Learn the latest version, iPhone 13 Pro Max.


Last update for the mobile price at 04-10-2021

IPhone 12 Pro Max:

Universal price $ 1000 for the lowest version 128 GB .. and $ 1100 for 256 GB and $ 1,300 by version of 512 GB.

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