IPhone 12 Mobile full specification and disadvantages

IPhone 12 Mobile full specification and disadvantages

IPhone 12 Mobile full specification and disadvantages

Apple announced its new phones this year to be an iPhone 12 phone to develop and update for its former iPhone 11 with the biggest flaws its iPhone 11 was missing, where a better screen has been used and comes from the Super Retina XDR OLED Con better precision with better resolution, the battery is relatively in connection with the ceramic shield design, and Apple announced that the phone is more than 4 times if the phone drops.

Phone Specifications IPhone 12 Mobile

IPhone 13 Pro Max Specifications, advantages, disadvantages and price

  • The contact phone supports the NFC range.

  • The phone supports two SIM connections Nano SIM and ESIM type.

  • Second generation networks and 3G, 4G 4G and 5G generation are supported.

  • The durability and quality of the materials used in making glass come from glass with aluminum metal frame.

  • The phone comes IP68 waterproof and dustproof up to 6 meters for half an hour.

  • The screen comes in a big ban and comes from Super Retina XDR OLED with an area of ​​1170 x 2532 pixels at a density rate of 460 pixels for each inch and supports HDR10 function and supports new display dimensions by 5: 9 with a The oleophobic coating protection layer with a scratch protection layer is the same as the iPhone 12 Pro screen which is the first time we see from Apple, the IPS screen is not used like iPhone 11 and also supports the Technology Technology screen the Toe Toe.

  • The phone is available in more than one of solid memory and random memory as follows: -

  1. - The first version comes with a 64GB type of NVME with 4GB.

2. - The second version comes with a $ 128GB of NVME with 4GB.

3. - The third version comes with a 256GB NVME with 4GB.

4. - The phone does not support the possibility of increasing the storage space through the memory card.

  • The phone's performance comes in a Bionic A14 bionic technology with 5 nano technology with 4-core Apple GPU graphics for the best possible performance. 

IPhone 13 Specifications, advantages, disadvantages and price

It is the same on Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro.

  • The front camera comes with 12 mega pixel precision with an F / 2.2 lens aperture as for the second camera and is accurate for 3D SL, which is for isolation and facial finger and is called the truedep.

The rear camera comes with a dual camera where the first camera comes with 12 mega pixels with the F / 1.6 lens aperture and it is the basic camera and supports the optical installer.Double.

  • The secondary microphone supports isolation and noise noise while using the phone in general.

  • 4k videos 2160 quality at a capture rate of 24, 30 and 60 frames per second and supports filming of FHD 1080 pixels quality at a rate of 30 and 60 frames per second and supports HD quality with 720 pixels at a capture rate of 30 per second and supports slow motion photography, where the FHD supports 1080 pixels at 120 and 240 frames per second.

Safety and protection: Phone supports Face ID to open the phone with Flip.

  • The external speakers come in stereo voice to provide a better audio experience.

It also supports most other sensors such as acceleration, proximity, compass, jaroscope, and atmospheric pressure.

  • The Wi-Fi connection comes with A / B / G / N / AX frequencies with dual band support, access point.

  • Bluetooth comes with version 5.0 with its support for the A2DP, LE.

  • Support GPS geographical location with its support for other navigation systems, such as A-GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU, QZSS.

  • The USB port comes from the lightning type.

IPhone 13 Mini Specifications, advantages, disadvantages and price

  • The battery is 2815 MA to run for 17 hours in playback videos on the phone and you have 11 hours to play online videos as they have 65 hours of music and audio playback.

  • The battery supports 20 watts fast shipping and supports 15 watts.

  • The phone is available in black, white, red, green, and blue.

IPhone 12 Mobile Defects

  • No new design is the same iPhone 11 according to the frame that has become flat and sharp without curves.

  • The charger and headphones do not come with the phone and you need to buy separately.

  • The phone does not support the 3.5mm port features and this is normal for leading phones.

  • The screen does not support any frequency rate, such as 90Hz or 120Hz, unfortunately.

  • The size of the battery compared to the previous generation has been reduced to make it slim.

  • IPhone 12 is considered to be considered developed for iPhone 11 in using better OLED screen with higher precision with more powerful A14 processor with lighter and superior design with key bottom camera with simple difference.

IPhone 12

The cameras offer a unique experience, but not the required development and great comparison of the old generation.

Supports 5G 5G networks.

The phone comes waterproof and dustproof thanks to the IP68 certificate up to 6 meters deep and for half an hour.

It will ensure that you get the most powerful performance thanks to the bionic A14 processor.

The phone supports high and respected Sturio.

The phone has been converted to a 20 watt fast send and supports a 15 watt wireless send.

But the wireless and wireless charger does not come in the phone box and will be purchased separately.

Large Super Retina XDR OLED display offers a unique experience in terms of brightness and saturation-grade colors with respectable FHD.

Open iPhone 12

IPhone 12 with iOS 14 Operating System - Metal Pin - Instruction Booklet Demonstrates How to Use Phone - Lightning USB Cable.

Learn the latest version, iPhone 13.

Last update for mobile pricing as of 10-04-2021
IPhone 12: -
The world price is $ 700 for the lowest 64GB version .. and $ 750 for 128GB and $ 850 for a 256GB version.

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