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Skello raises $47.3 million for its employee scheduling tool

Skello raises $47.3 million for its employee scheduling tool

French startup Skello has raised a $47.3 million (€40 million) round of funding. The company has been working on a software-as-a-service tool that allows you to manage your company's working hours. What makes it special is that Skello automatically takes into account local labor laws and collective bargaining agreements.

Skello raises $47.3 million for its employee scheduling tool

Partech is leading today's funding round. Existing investors XAnge and Aglaé Ventures are also participating. The startup had previously raised a €300,000 seed round and a €6 million Series A round in 2018.

Skello works with companies in many industries, including retail, hospitality, pharmacies, bakeries, gyms, escape games and more. And many of them were simply using Microsoft Excel to manage their schedule.

By using Skello, you get an online service that works for both managers and employees. On the manager side, you can see who is working and when. You can assign employees to fill some gaps.

Skello raises $47.3 million for its employee scheduling tool

Employees can also log into the platform to see their own schedule. Employees can also say when they are not available and request time off. And when something unexpected comes up, employees can switch shifts.

"We really want to put employees at the center of the product," co-founder and CEO Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaux told me. "They have a mobile app and the idea is to make the work schedule as collaborative as possible to allocate resources as efficiently as possible and increase team retention."

At every step of the scheduling process, Skello manages legal requirements. For example, Skello remembers mandatory weekly rest periods. The platform knows that your employees cannot work for an extended period. And Skello can count overtime, vacations, Sunday shifts, etc.

Skello raises $47.3 million for its employee scheduling tool

When you approach the end of the month, Skello can generate a report with everyone's timesheet. You can integrate Skello directly with your payroll tool to make this process a little less tedious as well.

Skello is currently in use at 7,000 points of sale. Now, the company wants to expand to more European countries and increase the team size from 150 employees to 300 employees by 2022.