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Shop for out-of-the-ordinary art

 Shop for out-of-the-ordinary art

Art is one of the many cultural attractions of New York City. There are art galleries in abundance in this great city and almost certainly an artist for almost every taste. Art has always been to some extent in the eye of the beholder and beauty in New York City is abundant.

Whether you consider yourself an enthusiastic supporter of art and the arts, it is hard to deny the fact that New York has a wealth of art to offer those who are willing to seek it out. From the graffiti that is so artfully depicted along bridges, buildings, buses and signs throughout the city to murals and storefronts that are beautifully done, art comes to this city in many forms. You'll find artists, sketchers, painters and those looking for muses roaming various parts of the city that may be particularly beautiful, inspiring or even forlorn.

Shop for out-of-the-ordinary art

Art doesn't end with sketches, drawings or paintings. It goes far beyond that. In this great city, you will see sculptors with magnificent works that may be inspiring to you and may be totally and completely unintelligible and you may find art that touches your heart and just won't let go. For some reason, art for most of us is purely emotional. This is true not only for the painter, but also for those who witness the beauty of the art that has been created.

There is also pottery, blown glass, metal work, wood work and literally dozens of other works of art within this city. You can stroll through the many galleries in the city or walk the streets and parks in search of art and the artists who create these wonderful works. You can find the greatest work of art in the hands of the tiniest of creatures or in the most unlikely of places. New York is full of surprises that go far off the beaten path.

If you're really looking for art to take home from your trip to New York, the best place to look is at thrift or consignment stores. You can usually find beautiful artwork at incredibly low prices. This is one of the best ways to start building your collection and there are some thrift stores that specialize in fine art or 'junk art'. Of course, there are galleries that deal in rare second hand artwork and you are very unlikely to find a discount there. Stick to consignment stores, flea markets and used furniture stores if you are really looking for some nice pieces that are seriously undervalued.

Keep in mind that the art you choose should only speak to you (and hopefully match your decor to some extent, unless of course you're looking for an excuse to redecorate) and doesn't have to mean anything at all. When you find a piece of art that you feel you must own, price is often not a consideration. This makes the fact that you're looking at a thrift store a much better way to shop. At least in this case, you won't have to deal with the impact of the overly inflated price tags you'll find in most galleries. Of course, that's because they're recouping their commissions off the top, so you're automatically getting that big discount when buying secondhand and off-the-rack.