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New York Wildlife

 New York Wildlife

New York City may be a jungle according to many, but animals can be found in its many zoos. If you would like to visit one or more of New York City's many zoos, I recommend that you purchase a city pass which will allow you free admission to many of the area zoos. Keep in mind that some of the attractions within the zoo will cost extra, so expect to pay something for your day at the zoo(s), but anything you can save along the way will help and you will be surprised how quickly you can recoup the cost of your pass.

New York Wildlife

Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is the largest urban zoo in the U.S. And it's open 365 days a year. Those with city passes can enjoy free admission to this zoo. Once you've had your fill of the award-winning exhibits the Bronx Zoo has to offer, you should visit the New York Botanical Garden, which is nearby and offers lots of fun and plenty of activities for kids to avoid (this experience is another one you can enjoy at no additional charge with a New York Pass). Also nearby are Wave Hill, the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Van Cortlandt House Museum. All of these activities are free with the New York Pass and are very suitable for family members of all ages.

Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo offers a view of animals in their natural habitat rather than in cages. While this is increasingly becoming the norm when it comes to American zoos, the Central Park Zoo was a relative pioneer in this particular process. Today, the Central Park Zoo features an indoor rainforest; a refrigerated penguin house along with a swimming pool for polar bears; and at the same time is home to breeding programs for certain endangered species. While you're there, be sure to grab lunch at the Leaping Frog Café, which offers kid-friendly food that's surprisingly health-oriented (like trans-fat-free fries). If your walk through this 6.5-acre zoo wasn't enough exercise for your day, be sure to stop by the Central Park bike rental area nearby.

New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium, while not exactly a zoo, is another great place for the family to experience animal life. This is one of the highlights of many trips to New York. Young and old alike will enjoy watching the marine animals play and have fun while learning important lessons about our marine friends. The aquarium is located in Coney Island and is close to the Astroland amusement park if you want to spend the day. The New York Aquarium offers free admission to New York Pass holders and Astroland also offers discounts for these holders.

  Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park Zoo offers a unique experience for children to have interactive contact with more animals. This increased interaction makes the trip much more enjoyable for youngsters than many larger zoos that allow little interaction with animals or a very limited number of animals to interact with. Prospect Park Zoo is home to over 400 animals representing over 80 species. This zoo is located near the Brooklyn Children's Museum, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, all of which allow free admission for New York Pass holders.

Queens Zoo

The Queens Zoo offers a unique experience for visitors, as it is less of a lake than a zoo and more of a prairie home for the animals it houses. This 12-acre park is home to 70 animals living in very authentic habitats. If you choose to visit this particular zoo, be sure to take the time to visit the barnyard area so your little ones can feed some of the friendlier creatures. This zoo is located quite close to the Queens Museum of Art, the New York Hall of Science and the American Museum of the Moving Image. All of these attractions are free with the New York Pass.

If you are a true animal lover, New York City has every opportunity to fill you up. Who would have thought that a city so full of skyscrapers and commerce was also home to some of the most beautiful and exotic wild animals in the world?