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At least three to four Mail order Magazines Circulars containing

offers or interest to new mail order dealers. Circulars which the

Big Mail Dealer has been to mail.


Do you enjoy reading Mail Dealer magazines? Do you enjoy ordering

and receiving "Big Mail?" Do you enjoy working with new Mail

Order dealers and opportunity seekers? If your answer is "YES" to

all of these questions, then it would probably be profitable and

pleasurable for you to start a "Big Mail" service.

In the pages to follow I will show you how to set up a Big Mail

Service. I'll show you how to advertise your service and I'll

also show you how to use the Big Mails that you receive in your

mail to your own advantage. I'll show you how to use commission

circulars (how to get a lot of them free!) and I'll also show you

how to keep track of them.

We'll talk about co-publishing and we'll discuss circular mailing

(you'll learn how to get people to pay you cash to mail their

circulars for them!).I'll show a simple trick that will get you a

lot of free advertising and I'll show you where to get a free

mailing list that will create a lot of new customers for you, if

you are willing to put in a little work to get them.

But...before we get into this...I would like to give you a word

of caution. Big Mail selling looks easy and it sounds easy IT IS

NOT! Selling Big Mails is a lot of work,HARD WORK. And it is NOT

a way to get rich quick.

You will probably not make any money at all for a least a few

months. In fact, you will have to invest more than you take in.

If you are willing to invest a little of your money, and a lot of

your time, then you will gain invaluable experience selling Big

Mails, and then you will make money. You will gain experience

that you could gain nowhere else in the whole world. And if you

are alert, creative, and AMBITIOUS, you can eventually turn your

mail order business into a very lucrative enterprise.

If you are still interested...and I hope you on!

The first thing you should od is to sit down with the latest


least twelve Big Mails. After that, get into the habit of

ordering a least one Big Mail EVERYDAY!

Then devote a portion of EACH DAY to STUDYING them. And I do mean


Feed your mind and your imagination with all kinds of ideas. The

Mail Order Business is a very creative and imaginative one. The

more you feed feed you imagination, the more it will do for you!

Set up a personal notebook. I would suggest you divide into four


* Commission Circulars Sources

* Sources of low-cost printing

* Prospective Mailing Customers (Save the circulars that other    

  dealers have been paid to mail. I'll show you why later on .)

* Good ideas.

You can set your personal notebook up any way you like, but I use

a loose-leaf notebook and scotch-tape the ads, circulars etc.

Read and re-read every circular and mail order magazine that you

can get you hands on. SAVE ANY IDEA THAT APPEALS TO YOU! Start

ordering SMALL supplies of "commission circulars" that APPEAL to

you. (never try to sell anything merely because it pays BIG


When you are satisfied that you really want to start selling Big

Mails, there are two very practical things you must do.

1. Order a name and address rubber stamp. Be sure it is SMALL

enough to use on commission circulars.


When you start to advertise, use your own name. If you do that,

there will be no problem when you go to the bank to deposit

checks that your customers will send you.

Your next step is to place an ad in a least SIX mail order

magazines or ad sheets. In the beginning you will have to use

publications that will accept handwritten copy, since you do not

yet have "camera ready" ads. Your ad should read something like


BIG MAIL-25 cents Commission circulars mailed FREE! (your name

and address)

A simple ad like this will pull better than one with a lot of

words in it.

You probably already know which magazines and ad sheets you want

to advertise in. That is fine! But I would suggest you start off

by advertising in at least one or two of the following:

Mail Sale Advertiser

Popular Advertiser

Mail Order Bulletin

Timely Tips

All of these are letter press publications, which means they will

set your ad up for you. They appear regularly EVERY MONTH ON

TIME, and almost everyone interested in mail order reads them!

Because these publications are CO-PUBLISHABLE, the publishers of

each publication will send you 50-100 copies to include in your

Big Mails. Your name will appear on your copies as the

CO-PUBLISHER. You will get to keep around 50% as your commission

on any ads or subscriptions you sell. If you are faithful mailing

your copies, you can often make enough profit on ads and

subscriptions to pay for all your ads. This way your ads actually

cost you nothing.

Each advertiser is also mailing his copies to his customers or

mailing list, and every last copy mailed has YOUR ad in it... The

printer is also mailing a copy to every person on his

subscription, usually within about ten days after your

address appears in print, you will start receiving letters with

quarters in them asking for Big Mail. Some advertisers, for one

reason or another are quite slow in mailing their copies, but

this can work to your advantage. You will often get orders two or

three months after your ad appears!


Long before you start receiving orders for your Big Mail, you

should have acquired a starting supply of "commission circulars."

You will want to include them in every one of your Big Mails.

Commission circulars are usually 3x6" or 81/2x11" circulars

offering such things as:

Rubber Stamps Name-address Labels Folios Magazine

Samples Mailing Lists Envelopes             

Printed Stationary Business Directories Catalogue Samples     

Drop-ship Samples Printed Circulars Formulas          

Books Mail Order Plans Magazine Subscriptions

Name Listing Services Pen Pal Clubs, etc, etc.

Wholesale firms supply commission circulars to mail order

dealers, usually at cost. The dealer stamps his name in the blank

space under "Order Form" and mails them to prospective customers.

When he receives orders (and he will if he mails them regularly),

he keeps his commission, which is usually about 50%. He then

sends the balance, along with his shipping label, to the

wholesaler, who drop-ships the order directly to the customer

under the dealer's shipping label.

Commission circulars can be profitable for you, as a Big Mail

Dealer, if you are very careful to select only those circulars

which appear to MAIL ORDER BEGINNERS. You will soon learn that

gift items and general merchandise rarely appeal to people who

are ordering Big Mails, unless you are offering them on wholesale

basis. (Safari boots, transistor radios, hunting knives,

automatic can-openers, $15.95 necklaces are nice, and they can be

sold by mail...but not to mail order beginners!)

If you work at it, you can make a lot of extra money by including

good commission circulars in your mails. Test a few hundred

copies of each commission circular. If it evokes no interest,

discontinue it. But if it produces and order or two,then include

one in every piece of mail you send. When you have found a

circular that "pulls,"try to have them printed with your name and

address on them. (printed circulars will often pull FIVE times

better than stamped ones.)

Don't mail poorly printed circulars. They tend to make your

entire mailing look sloppy> You will also find that 6x9" and 8

1/2x11" circulars pull better than 3x6", although some 3x6's pull

surprisingly well.

Once your ad appears ( starting COMMISSION CIRCULARS MAILED FREE)

you will start receiving commission circulars. Test every

circular that is given to you. Push the winners, discontinue the

duds. You will eventually develop a list of real money makers to

include in your Big Mails.

Most of the suppliers of commission circulars are honest people.

They offer items of real worth. But occasionally you will find

circulars that you should not mail. They will get you in TROUBLE!

* Adult Offers (pornography). Even if you do not object to this,

some of the customers will...and some of your customers may be


* "Stuff and Address Envelopes at Home..Send a $1.00 for your

Starting Kit," These offers are illegal. People have been

convicted in court for selling them. Beside, the plans are


* Chain letters--These are also illegal. Beware of any circular

that says you will receive $20,000 in sixty days if you will mail

a dollar and "follow the instructions, etc."

There is one more thing I would caution you about. There are

about 40-50 standard folios that have been around the Mail Order

Business for the last twenty years. They are EXCELLENT folios,

well written, well printed, and the advice in them is absolutely

valid. But it is a waste of time trying to sell them to mail

order beginners. Most of them already know where to get them at

wholesale prices! If you receive FREE commission circulars

offering these folios, by all means, mail them. You may get an

order or two. But if you are going to buy expensive circulars, be

sure you are offering something NEW something which EVERY mail

order dealer has not already seen at least one hundred times!


As a Big Mail Dealer, you will be selling many things. So that

you can fill each order accurately and promptly, I suggest that

you start another looseleaf notebook Divide it into three


1 Commission Circular Information

2 Co-Publishing Information

3 Advertising Schedule

1. Commission Circular Information---Every time you receive a new

supply of commission circulars, sit down and examine them.

(Sometimes you will receive two or three varieties in one

envelope.) Tape one sample of each circular in your notebook.

Underneath it write:

* Name and Address of the Drop-shipper

* Amount to forward to the Drop-shipper

* How to obtain additional circulars. (Are they available with

your name and address imprinted on them?)

2. Co-publishing Information--Most publishers of mail order

magazines will send a "Fact Sheet." If they do, simply

scotch-tape the sheet in your notebook. If not, record these

facts yourself:

*Name and Address of Printer

*How much to forward on new advertising, subscriptions, etc

3. Advertising Schedule--To keep your ads running CONTINUOUSLY,

you will have to keep track of "closing dates" (the last date on

which a publisher will accept advertising for his next issue.)

Here is a very simple method to use:

Take a page of common notebook paper. At the top of the page,

write the name of the month. Then number down the page from 1 to

31. (Use one line for each day of the month.)

The closing date for Mail Sale Advertiser is the 15th of the

month, but you will want to mail your ad on the 5th of the month

(always mail your ads in TEN DAYS EARLY.) So next to the number

5, write down the code letters "MSA." If you check this sheet

religiously every day, you will never forget a closing date.

Before you mail your ad, turn to the page for the following month

and make a notation of that month's closing date. If you will use

this system ( or your own variation), you will remember every

deadline, whether you are advertising in five magazines of five



Once your Big Mail ads are appearing regularly, you will start to

receive orders for them regularly. As soon as you are averaging

five a day, you can advertise yourself as a CIRCULAR MAILER. It's

easy to get started. Each time you renew your Big Mail Ad, send

in another ad like this. (As co-publisher, your ads cost half the

advertised price!)

             100 250 500

3x6 .50 1.25 2.25

6x9 .60 2.50 2.50

9x12 1.00 2.00 4.00   

These prices are given only as examples. The postal rates and

other costs change and you should check the ads currently running

Circular Mailers and charge about the same rates. Cut-rate prices

will NOT get you more orders.

A circular mailing ad will almost ALWAYS pay for itself

immediately. ( Incidentally, many dealers have tried to run a

combination Big Mail and Circular Mailing ads. They do work half

as well as TWO SEPARATE ADS!)

As soon as you receive a circular mailing order, send your

customers a sample mailing. Be sure it is neat and be sure it

includes the LATEST issues of several mail order magazines.

Then include ONE of his circulars in every Big Mail until you

have finished mailing them. If you have not received any more

circulars to mail, send him a friendly thank you not and let him

know that you have finished mailing his circulars. Tell him you

hope he receives some orders from your mailing. Include some new

circulars from new advertisers and a NEW magazine. If he has any

more circulars to mail, he will likely send them to YOU!

Remember, circular mailing depends on REPEAT customers. Never

exaggerate mailing capacity ( either in personal letters or ads.)

If you really try to get orders for your customers, they will be

back for more!


There are many editors of mail order magazines and ad sheets who

will print your ads free if you will mail 100 to 200 copies of

their publication. Here is a very effective way to get them to

run YOUR ads:

Take a sheet of white typing paper. Type the following words on


PRINTERS PUBLISHERS: If you will print any of these ads in your 

publication, I will mail 100 copies for you FREE! (With

co-publishing rights, I'll mail 200 copies!) Note that all of

these ads are camera ready for your convenience.


Then use a rubber-cement to paste copies of ALL YOUR DIFFERENT

ADS on the sheet! (If your ads have been printed on colored

paper, bleach them before you paste them up. Pour a little clorox

over them, until the color disappears. Rinse them in water, and

dry them on a piece of flat cardboard.)

Once your circular is pasted up (camera-ready), take it to your

local instant photo offset printer and have 500 or 1000 copies

printed on WHITE paper. (Be sure its on white paper.) Enclose one

of these circulars in every mailing. You'll be amazed at the



If you advertise regularly, you will get a lot of response to

your ads. But if you will do a little specialized direct mailing,

you can double your business almost immediately. Here's how:

Imagine that you have just received your mailing copies of TIMELY

TIPS from the printer. If you look at your self, you discover

that you still have 14 of lasts month's issue left to mail. Sit

down and make up 14 SPECIALIZED mailings. In each mailing,


1. One copy of last month's TIMELY TIPS

2. One copy of each circular you have been paid to mail.





* CIRCULAR MAILING PROSPECTS--Each time you receive Big Mail,

examine all the circulars. Who has paid the dealer to mail

circulars for them? If they have paid him, THEY WILL ALSO PAY

YOU...if you will take the time to send them a sample mailing!


announcement of a new publication, send a sample mailing and be

sure to enclose your Free Mailing for Free Advertising circular.

You'll get many, many free ads, if you work at it.

* NEW MAIL ORDER ADVERTISERS--Save the names of new advertisers 

in the mail order magazines or ad-sheets. You'll be amazed at how

responsive they will be to your mailings!

Every time you receive new mailing copies, mail out the remaining

copies of last month's issues to the categories listed above and

your mail order business will grow faster than you ever dreamed

it could. You'll be surprised at the new business you will be

able to generate using this method.


I honestly can't answer that question! Only you have the answer.

If you are ambitious--if you are willing to develop your

imagination--if you are willing to experiment with new

ideas....the sky is the limit!

Don't let anyone tell you that Big Mail Selling and Circular

Mailing is only for beginners. There are SUCCESSFUL mail order

dealers who have been selling Big Mails and mailing circulars for

twenty-five years! If you really love it, don't ever give it up!

What direction your mail order business takes is entirely up to

you. I hope you will keep your ads running, and I hope you will

expand your business by constantly adding new publications to

your advertising list.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Saturate yourself with fresh, new

and imaginative ideas. I hope you'll keep excited about the Mail

Order bussiness...I hope that ten years from now, You'll love it

and be more involved than you are today.

Mail Order is far more than just a money-making business for me.

It's a way of life! And I hope it is your way of life, too!