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Great Places to Play in New York

 Great Places to Play in New York

New York has a lot to offer both young children and older kids who enjoy very little more than playing a great game, video game or otherwise. For those of you who enjoy this particular pastime, there are many unique opportunities in New York City where you can participate in the games you enjoy so much while spending time with friends and family.

The Astroland amusement park at Coney Island has much to offer the adventurous gamer. From midway thrills and chills to the Cyclone roller coaster and many wonderful rides in between, this park also offers arcade game rooms along the way where you can play video games of all kinds. This is great for those rainy days when you can't ride the rides or just when it's too hot to stand in line. It's also a great bonding experience for dad and sun to play together and see who has the upper hand at any given time.

Great Places to Play in New York

Dave and Busters is a unique dining experience that offers a wide selection of gaming options. This is not your typical arcade food by any means. In fact, this is not the arcade for kids or their arcade games. Dave and Busters offers good food and a lot of fun under one roof and, if you get the chance, I recommend you bring the big kid in you to give it a try.

ESPN Zone is a great place to spend the day with the family. They offer food, fun and 200 TVs - who could ask for more? The food is American grill type food and the entertainment is mostly sports themed and interactive. If you're looking for a great way to bond with the kids, it definitely beats Chuck E. Cheese, especially for the slightly older kids.

The Nintendo World Store is another wonderful attraction located at 10 Rockefeller Plaza. This swanky store will make your kids think you're the coolest parent on the planet just for bringing them. That, of course, won't stop them from asking for everything they see, but it will give you a few minutes of peace and quiet before they get tired of hearing the word no. However, you may want to give in at some point, as there are some products offered that are exclusive to this store and can't be found anywhere else. Even if you must order it and send it home for a surprise later, it's best not to always wait until it's too late to find out you can't get something (at least not without an expensive trip to New York). Perhaps one of the coolest things about this particular store is that your kids can try out games that haven't even been released yet so they can go back to school with the scoop on the latest Nintendo games and you can once again be the coolest mom in the world.

Even for the tech-challenged parents among us, it's often a good idea to just enjoy playing games with your kids. Even if they win or maybe, especially if they win, hopefully they are better winners than we were when we were kids. I think we should all take the time to play with our little ones whenever we can.