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9 Common Mistakes When Setting Up a Home Theater System

9 Common Mistakes When Setting Up a Home Theater System

9 Common Mistakes When Setting Up a Home Theater System

Setting up your own home theater system with Linn Majik DSM can be very exciting. There are many ways to make sure your setup is flawless and impresses everyone you invite to your next movie night. While it's fun to customize your home theater system, it's also easy to make costly mistakes that you'll end up regretting.

Here are 9 rookie mistakes to avoid when setting up a home theater system:

#1: Using the wrong speaker cables.

You don't need to go all out and buy the most expensive speaker cables for your home theater system to ensure high-quality surround sound audio. However, it's also not a good idea to use leftover cables for your setup. Choose the right cables for your speakers to avoid sound problems in the future.

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# 2: Don't buy the speakers first

Even if the receiver looks really attractive, don't make the mistake of buying it before the speakers. Choosing the speakers helps you stick to a reasonable budget with the rest of the equipment. You don't want to have amazing components only to have speaker failures.

# 3: Not paying attention to HDMI

Since the latest HDMI cable update, "any HDMI cable is fine" no longer applies nowadays. You should choose the high-speed HDMI to make sure it supports all the latest features, especially when you plan to run the cables inside your walls.

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# 4: Forgetting room acoustics

Speakers are not the only component that will affect sound quality. Don't forget to consider the acoustics of the room when setting up, as this will change the sound quality significantly.

# 5: Speaker position

Make sure nothing is blocking the speakers as this will drastically affect the sound quality. No matter how amazing your speakers are, they will not sound good when an object is blocking them.

# 6: Don't factor in heat

Overheating can prematurely damage your Linn Majik DSM. Remember that heat rises to the top of the equipment, so place the amplifier and receiver where there is enough airflow to cool them.

# 7: Forgetting to Ventilate

As mentioned above, overheating is a serious issue. Don't forget to properly ventilate the system to ensure that nothing goes wrong or, worse, causes a spark that leads to a fire.

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# 8: Incorrect screen size

Screen size will make a difference when watching a movie. A large screen in a small room is disorienting, but a small screen in a large room is just plain sad. Find a balance to make sure movie viewing quality is not compromised.

#9: Not upgrading

No matter how good your home theater system is today, it will eventually need an upgrade. Keep this in mind during the budgeting phase and be ready to shell out the money to make sure the system stays up to date.

Set up your home theater system with care so that you, your family and friends will enjoy countless nights of on-screen entertainment at home.