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7 Ways to Reuse Paper Gift Bags

7 Ways to Reuse Paper Gift Bags

7 Ways to Reuse Paper Gift Bags

Finally, the birthday party is over leaving behind happy memories and the best gifts. Now you're left with the sweet nostalgia and the heavy pile of gift bags. The gifts are much appreciated, but what about these paper gift bags, don't they deserve recognition? It seems like a crime to waste these beautiful shiny gift bags by crumpling them up and throwing them in the trash.

Why not reuse them instead, how, let's take a look.

Ways to reuse paper gift bags

1. Newspaper or magazine headline

Everyone wants to take a first look at a newspaper. But who wants to stack them? Make your day's stacking job easier by reusing a paper bag. Turn a medium-sized paper bag into a newspaper or magazine holder. The day's paper and journals can be neatly stored in this paper bag that can be elegantly hung in a convenient corner. With this paper gift bag turned magazine holder, there is no more need to search for the day's newspaper or worry about scattered magazines.

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Label the bags "today's paper" and "old papers" and organize your reading journals in a jiffy.

2. Lunch Covers

Office-goers typically use a trendy lunch bag to carry their midday meals. But this bag often comes home smelly and stained due to spilled food. Avoid this messy affair by packing your lunch in a paper bag and then placing it in your lunch bag. The paper bag will prevent your lunch spill from staining your lunch bag and can be thrown away without any feelings of guilt. Reuse paper bags as Tiffin or lunch lids to avoid soiling your lunch bag and enjoy fresh lunches.

3. First Aid Kits

No one has time to buy a first aid kit. Assemble a first aid kit at home by picking up a cotton roll, some bandages, antiseptic lotion, antibacterial cream, etc. Place them in a bag and mark them with a bright red cross. your first aid kit is ready.How a Professional Painting Company Picks the Right People

4. Office Supply Bag

Every home should have a stationary bag. Yes, when the time comes, you can't turn the house upside down for scissors, staple pins or tape. Gather all office stationery items such as pins, stapler, paper cutter, scissors, markers, tape, glue, ruler, etc. and place them in a gift bag marked "stationery".

5. Medicine Bag

Every household has seniors and young children who get sick frequently. Place their regular medications in printed bags labeled with their name for easy access. You can even attach their prescription to the top of the bag so they can read their daily dosage.

6. Lingerie Organizer

Organize your lingerie drawer by reusing paper bags. Pack socks in one gift bag, tissues in the next, ties in the third and so on. Label them carefully to help you grab one in a second. No more rummaging through drawers looking for a handkerchief or tie. Everything is neatly arranged in reused paper gift bags.

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7. Travel Organizer

Want to travel light and stay organized? Here come paper bags to the rescue. Pack your travel items with printed bags. Store toiletries like toothpaste, soap, shaving cream and brush, etc. in a paper bag. They stay safe inside and won't ruin clothes even if they spill. Keep a couple of spare large size paper gift bags. They can hold used linens and keep them from getting mixed in with clean linens.

A lot of thought goes into printing a paper gift bag. It is creatively designed and printed with printing experts and crafted with superior quality. Why waste these beautiful paper gift bags and paper karft bags? Instead, reuse them to your heart's content and feel the satisfaction of having appreciated the gift and your bag fully in every way.